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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ultrasound Update

Ultrasound went great! Baby is measuring 1 day ahead and the heartbeat was beating at 108bpm. Yay! He/she was too small to actually hear the heartbeat but we could see the pole. Tech seemed to think everything looked fine. Such a relief! Thanks for the prayers & kind words. Love you all!!

Question... does anyone know how to change your time zone on here? Just saw that my last posts says it was 8pm and I actually did it at 1pm...

Ultra Sound

My ultrasound is in 1 hour. I am freaking out. Please send me some good vibes!! I will update tonight.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Telling & Rescheduling

First up... I rescheduled my u/s for next Tuesday at 2. There is no way in hell I can wait until May 1st. It's killing me already. I had an u/s every week for the first 11 w/Collin. I need to know what's going on in there so I can relax. Or somewhat relax anyway. I called the doc this morning and asked for another blood test. She laughed and said that was fine. It was almost 7000. She said she doesn't think there will be any issues at the u/s and we should hear the heartbeat w/no problems. I hope she's right.

We've told our parents and a few close friends our news. I have to say I was a little disappointed in their reactions. They were happy of course but I guess I just expected more. I know it's not as exciting as the first but to me it is. I think they were more shocked than anything. They were like "wait a min... you did this on your own?" Yep. Crazyness. I bought Collin a shirt that said "Awesome Brother" to wear on Easter to tell our families. No one noticed, on either side of the family. We had to point it out. Very observant group of people in our blood lines.

I never told you how I told DH we were expecting. Well he was working late that night w/his brother at our neighbors. Didn't get home until 8. Longest. Day. Of. My. Life. Dh's b-day was in a few days so I put the HPT's in a gift bag and typed up a letter for him. At first I made it sound like it was a present from Collin and then the longer he read it said something about big brother Collin. He knew at that point... I signed it "Baby #2." He was shocked. Totally.

Well... that's all I have for now. I hope you all had a Happy Easter! Love to you all!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

BETA Results

The results are in! I went in Friday (4wks, 2 days) and my HCG was 110 and progesterone was 20.23. Both were in the normal range but she said if it make me more comfortable we could check again. So I went today (4wks, 6 days) and my HCG was 633 so well over doubled. Thank you god. They didn't recheck the progesterone because that was smack in the middle of what it should be during the 1st tri. Seemed low to me but after searching online I found that it was normal. My due date is December 5th & I will have an u/s on May 1st to check for HB. God willing. I'm still in total shock and nervous but very happy! I ordered Collin a "Awesome Brother" t-shirt to wear to my IL and my mom's for Easter to tell them the news. I told one of my co-worker and my BF and that's it. I will probably tell the rest of the coworkers next week as I wont be able to lift any bags or boxes of coin which is a part of my job. I will make sure they keep it w/in our branch like we did with Collin. We are all very good friends so it is hard keeping this secret from them. I wont be doing any FB announcements until HB check. There is a girl I'm friends w/on FB that posted yesterday that she was expecting baby #4. No husband or BF. Freaking redic and she's due in Dec! She can't be any further along than me. Oh to be so fearless and post something like that so soon. I hope she doesn't regret that.

I had a surprise 30th for my husband last weekend! He was so surprised! I really thought he knew. No one noticed I wasn't drinking (thankfully) and we all had a great time. Except my best friend that I told my news to. I told her the day after my + because I knew she would figure it out at the party and didn't want her to find out that way. See, she's been TTC for a while now and has a fibroid tumor that may or may not be able to be removed. She may end up w/a hysterectomy. I feel horrible to say the least. She's very upset and hurt over my news. I totally understand. It was her turn and I know that. I have felt all the feelings she's feeling right now. She doesn't know if she can talk to me about TTC anymore and I hate that. I wish I could do something to help her. I'm very upset over the whole thing and don't know what to say. I understand her feelings. I do. I just hope we can stay close. Please give me some advice on this. I'm at a loss. It's very strange being in this spot when I was on the "other side" for so long...