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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On aging....

I'm getting older, there's no doubt about that. I'll be 28 in a few months, young for some of you but I feel oooooooooolllllllllllldddddddddd. Partly because I have to color my hair every 8 weeks or I'd be granny gray. My dad was totally gray when he was in his 30's and my mother has colored her hair ever since I can remember. My brother is 35 and he's almost totally gray. Damn bad genes. The point to my little bitch here is that I just plucked a gray hair from my eyebrow. I'm getting gray fucking eyebrows. You're shitting me.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hi girls!

Once again... terrible blogger here! I've been ~trying~ to comment but just haven't had much to blog about lately but I'll do a few bullets while I have a few minutes.

  • Collin's almost 1 1/2! I can hardly believe it! He's such a big boy. Runs around crazy, climbing on EVERYTHING, repeating everything we say, eating w/a fork off a plate really well, sleeping awesomely.. he's just freaking awesome. He has his moments of OMG this kid's making me nuts! We're definitely into the "terrible two's" already... he has a bad temper and even makes fists and punches the wall or whatever is around him. Yay, I'm guessing he picked that up at the babysitter. He sure didn't learn that from us! It he doesn't get his way he is freaking pissed! Sometimes I just want to laugh at him. Speaking of the babysitter... awesome. I'm so glad we got out of Big Name Daycare. I love where we take him now. Such a relief!

  • AF found me today. Yippy... she's brought her good buddy Crampy w/her too. Haven't seen him in a while. Haven't missed his bitch ass either. It was a 32 day cycle. Woohoo! I can't believe I have "normal" cycles now. How strange to be normal. :) We're still planning to TTC #2 this summer. I'm so freaked about it. I don't want to go down that road again but I have to. I have to try and give Collin a sibling. I have to. What if something happened to DH & I? He'd need them. I hope no one takes offense to my words... I'm so blessed to have Collin and he has fulfilled all of my dreams and I will be happy with him and only him but I do have to at least try.

  • Pinterest. Wow... why did someone invite me to this!? I'm addicted. I'm so not creative and I've made 2 projects already! I did a button monogram "N" and a crayon monogram "C." I think they turned out really well too. It's nice to be proud of something I made. DH says they look good too. He might just be telling me that hoping he'll get lucky! LOL

  • Last night DH and I had a "date night." Collin stayed the night at the IL's and we went out to dinner at C.hil.i's and to L.owe.s. So romantic! Then we came home and listened to music and went to bed by 10:30. We're so lame. It was nice to have a quiet night w/just the two of us though. We've only had that a few times since Collin was born. Funny though... we spent most of the night taking about him anyway!

  • Well I better get to cleaning... hope everyone is doing well!