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Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Still hanging out!

Not much to report... still having contractions sporadically. I'm working part time next week to rest up and get prepared! Next appt is Tuesday at 4... if I haven't went into labor yet that is =) I'll keep you girls posted!! I may borrow my FIL laptop to give a quick update from the hospital or have DH just put something quick on here when he comes home for the dogs. I don't want to leave you ladies in the dark!! Hope all is well w/you girls... sorry I've been a bad commenter lately, my mind is just scattered. I've been trying to keep up w/reading though!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Houston we have dilation!

Just got back from my OB appt and I'm dilated to a 2-3 and my cervix has started thinning. He could be here any day or could be weeks away but at least it's progress!! I had some more contractions in the night that were somewhat painful but still very, very mild. I'm hoping to make it to Sunday at least. I'm supposed to work this week so I'd like to finish that out then I'm ready!! I have to say getting checked for dilation sucks ass. It was not a comfortable experience what so ever! I'll keep you girls posted!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Completed nursery pics!

Closet full of stuff!
Bookcase, toy box & frog chair

Changing table/dresser


Contractions take 2

They're gone. Haha. Literally. I may have had 3 in the night and that's it. They stayed pretty consistent for a while and then slow started getting further apart and now... nothing. Must have just been the BH contractions and not the real thing. I feel so stupid.... I really don't know what to expect or what I should be looking for. I've read all the books and took all the classes but still... it's hard to tell what's real and what isn't. Now we keep waiting!

Friday, July 23, 2010


Been feeling them all day. They are sporadic. Sometimes its 2 hours and sometimes its 10 min apart. It feels like menstrual cramps and my belly gets really tight. Having some awesome lower back pain as well. It's getting so close, I'm excited and nervous all in one. Bags are packed for the most part and ready to go! I can't believe this, I still can't. I don't think the shock will ever wear off.

I can't wait to meet you Collin, but not tonight. You need to stay put another week at least okay? =)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Need advice!

Blood work today confirmed my friends m/c. She has an appt tomorrow w/her doctor so hopefully they will come up w/a new plan for next time. Right now all they are making her take is baby aspirin and folic acid. Is that enough? For those of you w/MTHFR isn't there anything else her doc can do? She really needs to see an RE instead of the shitty OBGYN's we have here in town. I want to tell her that but I don't know if I should or how to say it. I feel so stuck right now. I feel horrible for her and I want to do something but what? What do I say? I mean here I am ready to have my baby any day and she just lost hers. I wouldn't blame her one bit if she didn't want anything to do w/me right now and I wont be upset if she doesn't come around me or the baby. What would you girls do?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Prayers Please

Hi girls... please send some thoughts & prayers out to my friend who had her 4th m/c today. She has MTHFR. I've mentioned her before. Anyway she was only about 5 weeks along and started bleeding today. I feel horrible. She's loosing her baby as mine is getting ready to be born. I'm glad she has her 2 year old girl... I know that doesn't make up for it but I'm glad she has her to hold onto right now.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

37 week appt update

I had my 37 week OB appt today. Disappointing to say the least. My doc ended up getting called out in the middle of our appt so I didn't get to ask half the stuff I wanted to. I can't be mad at him though... he was needed at the hospital and that will be me in a few weeks doing it to someone else. I just hate that their so busy there... def not the same kind of treatment I got at my RE's office. I miss them like crazy. My OB still didn't check for dilation but should at next week's appt. He said Collin is in the process of dropping but hasn't completed his journey yet. Which means the groin pain can only get worse. Ack. I've slept in the recliner w/a heating pad on for the past 2 nights. I shouldn't complain, and I'm trying not to but it really is painful. When I walk it's just shooting pain in the hooha. Collin needs to stay put for at least 2 more weeks so as long as he's good and healthy I will be fine! Doc says he probably weighs about 6lb right now. Seems to be right on track! They didn't say anything about my Strep B results so I'm guessing that came back negative. That was one of the things I planned to ask him about.... oh well next week hopefully I will be able to nail him w/all the questions I can think of!

Friday, July 16, 2010

36 week belly pic!

As requested! 36 week belly pic! I think I actually look smaller in this pic than some of the past weeks. This was taken last night after I supposedly dropped Wednesday. Maybe that's why? Groin pain is a bit better today but def still there. May have started the BH contractions as well. They don't hurt but I just feel my belly getting tighter. Could just be Collin moving around too, I'm not sure. I think I'm just over analyzing every little feeling right now. I can't believe he'll be here w/in the next 3-4 weeks. Totally crazy! I'll keep you girls posted w/the progress!

~Oh this picture is taken in my bathroom (same place as the others) that we are remodeling! This is our new tub w/primer on the walls. Ya like? Should be done tomorrow! Woohoo!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I've Dropped

People have been telling me this for about a week and I thought they were all nuts. Last night I took a breastfeeding class and got up to leave and oh my god did my groin hurt. I could barely walk. I think Collin has officially dropped and his head is wedged right in the birth canal. I'm waddling big time now and in quite a bit of pain! Won't be long =)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Baby shower pictures

The loot! Lots of clothes!

More loot! Lots of diapers!
Gift table!
Table Decoration!
Cake & Lemonade table- there was a food tabel next to it but I don't have a good pic of that.
Diaper table/baby pics of DH & I and Collin's u/s pic.

The cake!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

35 weeks!

5 more weeks to go! God willing! I had a bit of a scare today... this morning I was ~cough~ taking a poo ~cough~ and after I wiped the front I noticed some blood mixed w/discharge on the tp. My first thought was oh my god... I'm having my bloody show! So I pick up the "What to expect" book and start reading and sure enough that's what it seemed to be. I called the Dr's office as soon as it opened this morning and they said to just keep an eye on it since I haven't been having any contractions or cramping. Hopefully it was just an isolated incident caused from the BM. Freaked me the hell out though! I feel fine so I'm sure it was nothing but Collin needs to stay in there an cook a bit longer!! I'm still sleeping horribly and been really tired but other than that I'm doing really good. I had a doctors appt yesterday and things seem to be going well, baby seems to be right on track. I have my Strep B test next week and start getting my cervix checked every week until D Day! I can't believe I have 5 more weeks at most left until I meet my little guy. Amazing. Simply amazing!! We've bought everything for him that we didn't get off our registry but still need...

Bottles- to use after I go back to work and have to pump
Baby monitor- sold out at Wally World
Clothes- got a tun at the shower but I feel like I need more! Going shopping w/MIL in a few weeks at as part of my shower gift from her.

After those few things we will be ready and it's time to work on myself! I'm going to start getting my bag ready for the hospital and need to get some new PJ type pants and slippers. I also plan to get some pretty panties to have for after and use my old crappy ones after he's born and I'm bleeding like crazy! Bought my breast pump Monday. $400 flippin dollars on the pump & 2 bras! Geesh! I hope I can actually breastfeed or I'm out some dough! I spent the extra cash on the hands free pump. Since I have to work FT I needed a good one that was fast so I can get er done during my lunch hour. Okay I've blabbed too much... I need to do some dishes and clean up the house a bit.

Love you ladies! Praying for you all! Some treatment cycles are starting up for you guys... I'm really excited and have my fingers crossed for some BFP's this month!!