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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baby Shower

~Pics to come~

Collin made out like a bandit at the shower! Tons of cute cloths, bibs, socks, diapers, you name it, he got it! There were some big ticket items we didn't receive but DH and I plan to get those over the next few weeks (swing, glider, monitor, yada yada). We went to Wal.Mar.t last night and used up all our gift cards & money to get the things off our registry that we didn't receive but would need when he arrives. I'm off today and plan to go to Ko.hl.s and use my $50 worth of gift cards there and get some blankets and maybe some more sleepers. My MIL is taking me shopping here in a few weeks for some more cloths for him at the Car.te.r's store & I'm really looking forward to that!

The shower was great. My friends/family did a great job w/everything. The decorations were so cute! I had a good turn out of people that showed up. I was really nervous at first and just felt really uncomfortable being the center of attention but I got used to it and now I'm kind of sad that it's over. Sunday night I thought I was just going to fall asleep standing up... the shower was over at 4, cleaned everything up and got home around 5. The DH surprised me w/Mexican take out. MMMM.. he's not so bad =)

Hope you ladies are doing well as always! We are so due for some good news... who's it gonna be!!?? It's time!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oh good lord.

I have approximately 4-6 weeks before Collin gets here. Holy crap I'm nervous.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

33 week update!

Hi ladies! Technically I'm not 33 weeks until tomorrow but I thought I'd do a quick update since I haven't in a few weeks. Starting to swell a bit in my hands, feet & face but nothing to bad. Back is starting to hurt and just all around been tired from sleeping like crap. All & all I'm feeling good though! Had an appt yesterday and things are looking good. Go back in another 2 weeks & then start going every week and getting checked for dilation! Holy crap is this moving along quickly! I have my baby shower this Sunday- my friends pulled through & I'm thinking it's going to be a great time! I can't wait =) I hope you ladies are well and as always finger crossed & praying for you all!!
~A big shout out to Sherry (ssbean) on her BFP!~

Monday, June 7, 2010

31 week u/s pics!!

Hi girls! Here are the u/s pics from our visit today!! He cooperated much better for the tech & she got all the measurements she needed. He wouldn't turn his head for us though so no good face shots this time! He is in the 48Th percentile & weighs about 3lb 6oz. Doc says basically he's perfect! Greatest thing I've ever heard! So thankful! I'll try and explain these pics a bit but I really don't get how the tech knew what this stuff was so here goes nothing...

1- Foot, knee & toes. Kind of hard to tell. The little ball thing is actually his other foot. 2- His hand. He was kind of waving at us! Kept opening & closing it. 3- boy parts! Can't tell can ya!? LOL. He's one proud boy! 4- profile shot. Go back again in another 2 weeks!

Friday, June 4, 2010

30 Week Belly Pic!

As requested! Sorry I haven't been good at getting these on here. I will try and keep up better as my belly is growing at a rapid rate these days! We had our first labor & delivery class last night. It was.... interesting. I originally thought I wanted to go all natural and not take any pain meds... I totally change my mind! After watching that video I am plain terrified. Still doing good... just not sleeping much and still having the groin pain. I wake up about 3 times a night to pee and just can't get comfortable and I'm always hot. Bring on the rest of Summer! LOL. We have our last u/s on Monday so I'll get those pics on here as well. Can't wait to see the little guy one last time before I get to actually hold him in my arms. Amazing. I am so blessed. I wish all you ladies the same. I'm always thinking of you girls. Anyway... hope you ladies have a great weekend. Sending you lots & lots of ((((HUGS))))