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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Name poll!

Okay ladies I have a favor... I've started a poll to the right w/some names that we like so far. DH and I are having a very hard time deciding on one. I didn't think it would be this hard but seriously.. this is his name FOREVER. It's got to be good. The names on the poll are some that we have narrowed down so far. I'm open to suggestions so let me know of any cute names you girls have & maybe it's one I have thought of yet!

I was asked if we plan to TTC another child after this & the answer is yes. I don't plan to take BCP's after baby is born unless my cycles are still really crazy. I can't go months w/out AF as my RE feared that it would cause endometrial cancer. If my endo pain comes back after delivery I will have to go back on them though. We plan to TTC again in a few years after he is born. My ins covers 2 IVF cycles after a live birth so we plan to use those if need be. I'm hoping that I wont have to go on BCP's and have a "surprise" but... we know how that goes! Probably not going to happen! I plan to breastfeed/pump also so I guess it would be awhile before I'd start BCP's and have AF anyway so we'll just have to see how AF is after that.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

20 weeks u/s pics!

Hi ladies! Here are the pics of my main man! We got the nursery painted this weekend (except the trim) and bedding is in. Once it's all finished I'll post some pictures. Hope everyone is doing well!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's A....

BOY!!! BLUE TEAM!! Everything is measuring right where it should be. He weighs 11oz. Was very proud of his boy parts... the tech didn't even have to search for them. As soon as she started she was like it's a BOY! He has DH's nose for sure. I'll update w/pics later. So happy!

The count down begins!

Okay so I actually started the count down days ago... 1 HOUR until my BIG U/S! OMG OMG OMG I'm soooo excited! I'm really nervous too. I just hope everything is going well & normal. I'll update asap girls! Pink or Blue? Ahhh the suspense is killing me.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Yep. I've got a urinary tract infection. I'm not all the surprised... I've had quite a few in the last year or so. It started Monday night... I was getting up and peeing every 20min. It wasn't like a normal UTI where I just got out a few drops it was full flowage. My pee hole (haha) felt a bit irritated but didn't burn. I figured... well hell I'm getting a UTI. So Tuesday I was off work and didn't have any symptoms so I thought maybe the baby was laying on my bladder Monday evening and that's why I was peeing so much. I lay down to watch Lifetime for no more than 15min and its back. My pee hole feels funny! So I call the OB and go in to piss in a cup. Of course they tell me I'll have my results first thing this morning. 3pm rolls around and I still haven't heard anything so I call. The lady that answered was a snob by the way but needless to say I have a UTI coming on. They were supposed to call my antibiotics into Walgreen's. Well I go there to pick it up & they never freaking called! I miss my RE. I miss my RE like crazy! So now I wait till morning to bitch these people out for not calling it in then leave work to pick it up so I can get the meds in me. From what I've heard UTI's are really bad when your pregnant so I just hope it gets cleared up w/no complications. Freaking bladder... who needs it?

On a more positive note we just got back from getting our taxes done & we're getting $1700! WOOHOO. Not much compared to what some people get but we were wanting to get a new bathtub & vanity & now we will be able to! Poor DH w/the bathroom & nursery he's going to be so busy around the house! Oh well not my problem! LOL

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Random Ramblings

Hi ladies! I haven't posted in a while so I thought I'd go w/bullets today!!

  • I'm off today! YAFREAKINGHOOO. I'm so burnt out on work. SOOOO burnt out. I'm tired of bitchy customers & bitchy co workers. I really want/need a job where I don't deal w/people all day. Just sit an cubical all by my lonesome. That's my dream job. =)
  • Its my day off and my dogs woke me up at 7:30. Grrr.
  • Baby is doing well... I've been feeling him/her move around alot lately! Such a great feeling. Only 2 more weeks until we find out the sex! I'm so excited yet really nervous for the u/s. This is the u/s where they check all the organs and make sure everything is growing properly. Fingers crossed that everything will be perfect!
  • We ordered all of our nursery furniture last night. I know its wayyyy early BUT I couldn't wait any longer. I had it picked out so why not just get it?! I plan to order the bedding after my u/s as long as the little bugger shows us its private parts! Here's the furniture we got. We got the crib, dresser, bookcase, toy box & conversion rails for later. We ordered it in coffee. I measured it all and it's going to fit perfectly in the room. Jake is supposed to be working on it this weekend... getting all the old trim torn off and redoing some of the dry wall. I'll be keeping that man busy for the next 5 months for sure!
  • I'm going to attempt to put up a poll on your thoughts of if it's a boy or girl... if you don't see it over to the side you'll know I'm an idiot and couldn't figure it out! Some background info on the boy/girl question...

My mom thinks it's a girl because I'm just like her when she was pregnant w/me. Minor sickness, same kind of belly... that kind of thing.

Jake's family hasn't had girl in generations. Jake's grandpa had only brothers, his dad had only brothers, Jake only has a brother & his brother had all boys. Odds of a girl- pretty slim!

I took an old wives tale quiz on line (I know that doesn't mean squat) & it said boy.

  • 18 week belly picture to be taken tomorrow night! I will try and get it up tomorrow- we get our taxes done tomorrow night though so I may not have time. Yuck. I just hope we don't have to pay in this year.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

17 week appt update

Hi ladies! Just got back from my 17week appt and everything went well! I've gained almost 9lbs so far (gasp!). I knew it was coming but OMG I've never weighed this much in my life! Does that seem like a lot for only being 17 weeks? I'm just worried that maybe I'm eating more than I should or maybe I just need to eat better foods. Either way I have a feeling I'm going to gain a lot more by the time the little one gets here! My BIG u/s is scheduled for March 23rd. I'm so excited! DH & I plan to go shopping afterwards to try and find some bedding. We are going shopping for furniture w/my in laws on April 3rd so we really would like to have the room painted before we start moving furniture in there. We already have a set picked out for both boy or girl but now we just need to find out which it is & make sure that's really what we want! 3 more weeks! OMG is this for real? I'm still in shock. Totally. I'm so incredibly blessed & couldn't be more thankful & happy right now. I hope all of you are doing well... I know we've had some really shitty times lately & I hope everyones luck starts to turn around. Thinking if you as always...