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Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Insurance Vent

OMG!!!!!! I seriously just want to punch these ins people in their damn faces! This new insurance is a damn nightmare. They still haven't paid one cent to my doctors office and come to find out they don't even pay the doctor they send me a check and I have to pay them.... okay that's nice to bad the bill is late once I get the check. On top of that they only send the check for 80% when they should be paying 100% for 2009 claims. My bill is nearly $9000 at my RE's office and they send me a fucking check for $1300.00. Not even close people. Its only for a weeks worth of claims and isn't even close to being right amount. I've had to fax more shit to these people, more bills and EOB's its not even funny. I just don't understand why it is so fucking hard for them to pay 100% when they KNOW they should be. GRRRR This probably makes no sense because I'm typing it in a hormonal furry but I had to get it out. I'm doubting my work goes w/this plan for 2011 because they have had nothing but problems w/it but OMG I have to deal w/their shit for a whole year! Think about it once the baby is born I'll be messing w/all those hospital bills... this is enough to make me go postal. I just want to go back to BCBS. They were great. Personal Care sucks monkey balls... don't EVER get their coverage. Period. Bunch of freaking idiots.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

11 week u/s!

Hi girls! This is my 11 week u/s! Last one till the BIG ultrasound. Hopefully that will be around 17 weeks but I should know for sure at my first OB appt Monday. Things are going well... been having some horrible headaches but other than that it's all good =) I will post my 12 week belly pic & the pic of Jake & I w/our doctor soon. Been busy and have been having problems w/my computer. Not sure if I was hacked or what but my Facebook acct made me reset my password 3 times & I noticed that my baby widget on here said I was 16 weeks... freaky and it all happened the same night! I'll get a new widget on here soon.. couldn't figure out how to fix it so I just deleted it. Hope everyone is will & hopefully I will be back to posting/commenting soon. I've been spending most of my evenings on the couch because my head has been pounding. I hate Tylenol... it does nothing for me!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Graduation Day!

I had my last RE appt/ u/s today! Felt very strange... I'm can't believe I'm actually going to miss that place but the people there are so awesome! They want me to call when I find out what I'm having and make sure I send pictures. They said to come visit anytime too. I promised I would. We got our picture taken w/the RE & IVF nurse which I will post another day. They gave me some magazines to read and some coupons for formula. I thought the nurse was going to cry which about made me start crying! We brought in cookies that I had specially made w/sperm, eggs & babies! They didn't turn out like I wanted but they thought it was hilarious! My RE was laughing his butt off and wanted them in the picture! Too funny!!

U/S went great. It just amazes me how much the baby has grown in a week! I'll post the u/s pic later too. And my 11 week belly pic which has also grown since last week ~wink~.

I made an appt w/the OB doctor here in town and I see him Feb 1st. He will just do a physical and check the h/b and that kind of thing then it will be once a month like a normal person. Wow... normal. So not me!!

Hope everyone is doing well and hasn't been sick lately! Seems like everyone at work has gotten the stomach flu... I've been luck enough to dodge it so far!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

10 week u/s & belly pic!

Okay let me just say that uploading pictures on here is a bitch... I can't seem to figure out how you girls get them on here and arrange them so nicely... my belly pic is ginormous and when I try and reshape it it gets all screwed up... what gives??

My 10wk check up went awesome! Baby is looking great and measuring right at 10wks! Woohoo! I can't believe how different he/she looks from last week. Arms & legs are soo much longer and maybe it's just me but I think you can actually see the eyes and mouth. The middle picture is my favorite. We were laughing at the bottom one... baby has its hand right by its nose that makes it look like it has a big nose like Mr Burns from the Simpsons! Too funny! I've still been feeling pretty good... just nauseated at times but not bad at all. I can't complain.. I've been really lucky in the m/s department.

Now for my belly pic... um ya I'm like huge already! I had just gotten done eating dinner in this pic though. In the mornings of course it isn't this big but by the end of the night I have to unbutton my britches! I bought a few belly bands but don't need them quite yet. They were on sale so I thought I might as well get them now because I will be needed them sooner than I think!

I don't really have much else to report... been trying to figure out something for Jake for Valentines day.. any ideas? What are you getting your DH's??

Sunday, January 10, 2010

9 week u/s!

Hi girls!! Hope everyone is doing well on this freezing morning! It's only 9 degrees here! I'm ready to head south! We had a nasty storm come through Wednesday night and didn't think we were even going to make it to my RE appt (it's 2 hours away). We decided to go anyway and it took us about 2 hrs 45min to get there! Everything is still covered in snow here. Ugh I'm so ready for spring to get here! U/S went great! The top picture is really just a measurement... kind crummy picture because you can't really see anything since it's such a weird angle. The center one is my favorite yet! I can't believe he/she actually looks like a baby now! You can see the little arms and legs! Amazes me. The bottom is just another angle of the baby you can still see the arms & legs in that one too. The HR was 178bpm this time. We could see the baby moving its head back and forth too. So crazy. I go back Thursday and should only have one more visit after that and then I'll be released. I'm excited to be released but yet I'm sad/scared/nervous because I love my RE's office so much. I can't believe I'm actually going to miss going there. I guess I just feel so safe and secure there that I'm scared of going to a different doctor that doesn't know me from Adam. I'll just be a little fish in a big pond at our OBGYN... sometimes people wait hours to see their doctor because they are so overbooked and the doctor is out on deliveries. I'm not ready for that... my RE now I'm in and out w/in 1/2 hour. I never have to sit and wait more than 10min. My morning sickness or all day sickness as I'd like to call it has picked up the last few days. I've only threw up once but I get nauseated a lot. Just out of no where. I'm not complaining... I'm glad to feel something! I've been super tired lately too. Again not complaining. I know I am so so so incredibly lucky. I really NEVER thought I'd be here. Never. I had almost lost hope and was ready to give up. I seriously can't believe I'm actually pregnant and things are looking great. I never thought I'd be here. I really didn't. My heart goes out to all my girls... IF sucks ass and I pray every day for you guys. I've been kind of MIA on most of your blogs lately... I'm just at a weird stage where I'm afraid to say the wrong thing. I know how hard it was to read PG blogs so I totally understand if you don't read me or don't want me posting on yours. I hope you are all doing well and I hope the new year brings everyone great things =)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

8 week u/s pics!

Well I was only 7 weeks 5 days but... close enough! The top one is showing the heart rate of 152bpm & the bottom one is just measuring the baby... you can kind of see the arm buds. So adorable =)