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Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What a day

Bullets because I'm so random right now...
  • Jakes grandpa passed away this after noon. It's a sad day but I'm also thankful that he went fairly quickly and didn't suffer long. The doctors thought he had brain damage too so if he would have pulled through he would have been in the nursing home on a ventilator most likely which is not the life he would have wanted to live. He was very active, loved fishing and working around in the yard. I owe so much to him for all the work he did on our house. When we moved in every wall (I'm not exaggerating) was wall papered & he'd come over every day while we were working and strip wall paper and paint. We got the work one in 1/2 the time because of him. Jakes grandma was quite the talker and talked enough for the both of them so... grandpa was a pretty quite guy. Quite but always very nice. He will be missed. Christmas Eve he was so funny because we told the aunts & uncles that we were expecting and apparently Jake's mom had already told him. He was just like "yeah she told me I couldn't tell anyone!!" For some reason it just made me laugh. I'm glad he knew he was going to get another great grand baby soon but I'm sad that they will never meet.
  • I've been feeling like total crap lately. Not pregnancy wise but just cold/flu like symptoms. Sore throat, runny nose, aching bones. I've been fighting this cold for about 2 weeks. I'm assuming its just harder for me to fight this stuff right now because I am pregnant & because I refuse to take anything for it. Hot tea is my best friend tonight =)
  • Yes, I'm still being lazy and haven't uploaded my u/s pics. MAYBE tomorrow! I will get them up though. I need to take my 8 week belly pic for my book tonight but I don't think that's going to happen either.
  • Anyone doing anything fun for new years?? We were going to visit friends in Chicago but due to Jake's grandpa passing (Visitation is Friday) we decided we should just stay home. We are planning on going out to dinner and then to our neighbors parents. Apparently they are having a get together there so that should be fun.
  • I guess that's all I have for the night... thanks for all the prayers for Jake's grandpa. We really appreciated it.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

8 week u/s!

Okay so I'm not 8 weeks yet but pretty darn close. U/S went great! We could actually hear the heartbeat this time! The swoosh swoosh was like music to my ears =) The rate was 152bpm which I'm told means it is most likely a boy (I checked it out online and this wife's tale isn't true) which is probably right... there hasn't been a boy on Jake's side of the family in 5 generations! If we do end up having a girl she will be so spoiled rotten it won't even be funny! We could see the little arm & leg buds and a spine! So crazy to be able to see that stuff this early. I will scan the pics tomorrow maybe... my scanner is a pile and I don't feel like screwing w/it tonight.

On a not so good note... please say a prayer for Jake's grandpa... he's in the hospital and most likely won't make it though the night. We aren't really sure what happened... he's 83 and diabetic. He went into the hospital Saturday w/bronchitis which turned into pneumonia and his kidney's shutting down and the whole 9 yards. It happened so fast... he wasn't feeling well on Christmas but we didn't think much of it... he's very active and healthy for his age. So sad. He's such a nice man.

Also if you haven't already done so please go over to Misty's blog and send her some ((((HUGS))) she could really use them right now...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Spotting update

Hi girls! First I want to say that you so much for calming me down yesterday! I did go ahead and call the office and talked to the RE on call and she assured me that spotting was normal and what I was experiencing probably wasn't anything to worry about. The nurse also called this morning to check in w/me. I haven't really had any more spotting since yesterday around 3 so I think I'm going to be fine. The spotting I did have yesterday was more of a light brown discharge type stuff. I'm still freaked out about it and am taking it really easy. I have an u/s on Tuesday so I'm anxious for that to get here so I can be assured that my baby is doing just fine. Thanks so much girls & I hope you all had a nice Christmas!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


So I starting spotting a bit today after waking up this a.m and (TMI) having a b.m. I'm totally freaking out. Its not much at all but after I wiped there was brown on the tp. I put on a pantie liner and have since had a little bit of brown on there and have only had a tad on the tp when I go to the bathroom now. Sometimes I wont have any at all. I know this is common in early pg but talk me down girls... I'm freaking out here. No cramps, no nothing. I figured it was just from the b.m. this morning but still... I'm nervous and so worried right now.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'm going to chop my nose off!

Ugh... I have the worst cold ever! My nose is so plugged up yet running constantly! My nose is so raw from blowing it all the time. I have NO kleenex so I'm forced to use the all mighty TP. So not cool. Our kleenex at work are the cheapest crappiest kleenex ever and are worse then TP I think. Getting me some puff's plus tomorrow for sure! Nothing too exciting has been going on w/me... still feeling nauseated in the mornings and starting to get really bloated. I look about 10 weeks pregnant right now. Pants fit though so that's a plus! I can't believe I'll be 7 weeks tomorrow. Doesn't seem possible. I'm still in shock and still freaking out over every little thing. My u/s is next Tuesday and I'm nervous already. Just hope the baby's heart is still beating away! Well I think I'm going to go lay on the couch and watch some TV if I can get Jake away from the PS3. Anyone else's DH obsessed w/modern warfare 2?? So annoying!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

6 week ultrasound!

There you have it... there's our little one!! We got to see one good strong heartbeat today!! So relieved and so happy! Things are measuring right on and things are looking good! I go back on the 29th for another u/s. I haven't had any spotting but starting to be nauseous and still feel really dizzy at times. They told me to make sure I stay hydrated and make sure I eat snacks frequently. I've had a horrible sore throat the last 2 days but it starting to feel a bit better. Not to take a nap on the couch and relax!

Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm obsessed

I'm obsessed w/POAS. Always have been and now that I'm actually pg I'm even worse. I had to go out after work and buy more! I peed on one (held it for MAYBE an 1 1/2) and of course it was blazing +. The darkest yet! I'm obsessed w/seeing a +. I guess it puts my mind at ease a bit that I'm still pg. I'm so anxious for Thursdays u/s to get here. I'm excited, nervous and down right scared! I just pray that everything is going well and the heart beat is beating away. My bbs are finally starting to get a bit sore and I have started peeing alot. I'm hungry all the time! Seems like I can't eat as much in one sitting but get hungrier faster. I guess these are all good signs that things are progressing as they should. I just wish I would start getting morning sickness. I'm sure I will eat my words on that but I'd feel better if I did. I know its early for that yet but come on.... can't a girl get a little barf action?? Anyway if I didn't know better I'd swear that I had some major PMS. I've been in a pissy ass mood all day. That is until I looked at MISTY's blog! OMG Congrats again girl! EEEKKK!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

So... I heard

That's pretty much ALL I've heard today... "So... I heard the good news." You tell one person something & the whole friggin world finds out! Everyone at work knows, which was inevitable as they knew I just did IVF, apparent my mom told my aunt which told her kids and now I'm sure the whole family knows. I really hope everything goes okay... I'm so scared. I took another digital last night partly for fun and partly because I just wanted to be sure. I do not have to do a repeat BETA. The RE said there was no need to. I kinda wish I did just to make sure the numbers were going up. I just hate sitting here for 2 weeks waiting and not really knowing how things are going.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bullets & randoms

  • I think my dog Bree knows I'm pregnant every night for the past 4 or so she has gotten up in the middle of the night and stuck her nose in my face. She follows me everywhere and just looks up at me really weird. I think she is trying to protect me & the baby. She is going to be so awesome w/a baby. She is the sweetest dog. Ellie on the other hand, well she will be pissed that she isn't getting the attention. She is a total lap dog and gets ALL the attention around my house. This won't be good.
  • We told a few close friends our news yesterday & today because they were asking what we've found out. They were all super happy for us. One of the friends was the "fertile" one's hubbie. He was ecstatic. Super nice guy. He told his wife "fertile friend" and she called to congratulate me. She seems genuinely happy for us. I've decided to give her ONE last chance at staying friends. I just don't know how much of me being mad at her was due to me being overly sensitive or just down right jealousy. We'll see how it goes.
  • We got must of our Christmas shopping done yesterday! Yeah! What a relief! We also went to Bor.der.s books and got a book on pregnancy that helped me figure out what I need to be eating & what I shouldn't. I'm a really picky eater so we went to the grocery store today and bought lots of fruits & veggies that I will MAKE myself eat. No more fast food and potato chips for me! At least it will be kept at a minimum =) I also bought The Belly Book. I've had this book picked out ever since IVF #1. I saw it after an RE appt during that cycle and almost bought it then because I thought for sure I'd get pregnant. I talked myself out of it but couldn't resist getting it yesterday. It has a place for a belly pic each week and you write down your cravings, what you can't stand to eat, smell and that kind of thing. We're taking our first belly pic for the book tonight. Not like there's anything to see!
  • I'm going to think up some other things to blog about... I don't plan on blogging pregnancy non stop but for now its just something that I can't get off my mind. Thank you for continuing to read girls... I know how hard it is.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Telling the parents!

~Yes I know I'm crazy for putting up tickers already BUT I've been waiting to see that on my blog for so long that I just had to do it!

We paid each of our parents a surprise visit last night to tell them the news. My mom, DH's mom & dad all cried! I don't think I've ever seen them so happy! I just couldn't believe it. We told our brothers today and my brother almost started crying! Which is huge! I think I've only seen him cry once & that's when our dad died. He was so happy! Everyone knows that its super early so not to tell anyone yet but under the circumstances of IVF we had to tell them right away. They knew BETA was yesterday and both of our mom's were so upset all day because they didn't hear from us... they thought it was negative and we didn't call because we were so upset. What a great surprise for them! It was a wonderful night & I just pray that it keeps getting better!

The out pour of happiness from all of you amazes me. It truly makes me so happy to read your comments. It puts a huge smile on my face and makes me believe that everything will be fine & I should just enjoy this while I can! You are all so awesome & I'm so happy I've "met" you all! You are all in my thoughts & prayers as always and I want you all to know that I'm here for you & so hopeful for all of you!

Friday, December 4, 2009

BETA is in!!!

I'm on my lunch break so I have to make this quick but....

BETA was 328!!!!!!!! I am 100% pregnant!!!!

I have an u/s on Dec 17th so we should know how the little one(s) are doing! I'm so in shock. Seriously... I never thought it would happen to me. Ever.

~Some of you have asked if I've had any symtomes & really the only thing I can think of is that I've been really light headed and dizzy. This has been going on since ER thought so... it could be totally unrelated to being pregnant too.


This mornings 3am digital said......... PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beta around 7 this morning! I have to work until 6 so it may be later tonight before I'm able to update w/the numbers. Sorry to keep you all in suspense! After I get off work we plan to go to each of our parents house & tell them. I'd prefer to keep it a secret for a while yet but under the circumstances they've already been asking and know the BETA is today. If I don't say a word they will know anyway, and I'm a BAD liar! Thank you all so much for everything you've said to me in the last few days... and years for that matter! I'm no where close to being out of the woods but I do feel better this morning that it's still +. I just feel like it's going to disappear on me. Okay I've got to get in the shower! I'll update tonight!

~I took a picture but it's all blurry. I may upload it tonight anyway.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

HPT pictures

The top one is from last night.... bottom is from this morning!

I'm going to get some FRER today and take those tomorrow. Not a big fan of CBE seems like the lines fade really quickly but they were on sale!

Trigs 2

I POAS w/FMU at 4:30 am (hardly slept a wink) and got another blazing positive test!!!! Trigger was 12 days ago or 11dp... there is no way this is still trigger, not w/how dark the line is. Holy shit! I think I AM PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~So this might not be true. I'm still not going to get too excited about it until I hear some numbers but... its kind of weird. I really hope I don't say the wrong thing and upset anyone. I've been there so many times & read so many pregnancy blogs almost in tears. I really don't want to be one of those people & please tell me if I upset anyone for any reason. I love you guys so much & I don't want to loose any of you as friends. You guys have helped me through some HORRIBLE days.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I never thought I'd actually type those words and think they'd mean something to me other than something sad. I just POAS at 14 dpo, 11dp 3DT and 10dp HCG and got a BFP & I only held my pee for 3 1/2 hours! Not a faint bfp that I would have expected to get if the trigger was still in my system but a blazing + darker than the control line. I'm going to POAS tomorrow and pray to god that the + is still there and not a figment of my imagination. I'm shaking as I type this and I'm not believing this at all. I won't believe it until BETA. OMG this could actually be it!

~I took a pic on my phone but it wont send for some reason. IF it's still + tomorrow I will try again.

I'm scared.

I'm going to POAS tomorrow morning. I'm scared. I've never been scared to POAS. I'm usually POAS like crazy. This time I don't wanna. I don't want to but I have to... I have to be prepared for my BETA Friday. I don't want to be sitting at work and get ~the call~. I'm hoping for some seriously awesome news but for now I'm nothing but scared and full of anxiety. I doubt I sleep tonight.