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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I tested...

Why did I even do it? I should have POAS to make sure the trigger was out of system long before today but no I was too cheap to go buy more tests. I POAS this AM w/FMU at 13DPO. 10DP 3DT. 9DP HCG. I got a faint BFP. I looked on FF and the line is comparable to that of a BFP for a 10DPO or so. I'm thinking that if it was a true BFP it would have been darker than that. It must be the HCG. Right? I'm going to test again tomorrow & see if the line is darker & still test on Friday no matter what. I should have just waited until Friday period. What do you guys think? The 2nd dose of HCG I had to take was only 1/2 CC so I'm wondering if since it was 1/2 of what I would normally take maybe, just maybe it would be gone already. Please send me some positive vibes. I'm so down right now. I just know it didnt work. I feel it. =(

Monday, December 29, 2008

Need advice & update

First for the update... I had an RE appt today to check my ovaries & my progesterone/estrogen levels. My ovaries are moderately hyperstimulated w/a few little cysts. He said the cysts were just from ovulation & wasn't concerned about them but said not to lift things, not to stretch, and no sex to help w/the ovaries. Ugh just what I needed! My lining looks super. Too early to tell anything baby wise so still have to wait to POAS Friday.

Now I need advice. I have a friend that got KU her first try a few months after I had started TTC. Her baby is now like 8 months old. This "friend" of mine has said some really shittiest things to me about her being so fertile, yada yada yada. I try to avoid her at all costs just because I don't want to hear it. Apparently she is telling people that I don't want to be around her because she has a baby & I don't. That I am jealous of her. I seriously want to go to her house and drop kick her ass in the throat. What a fucking bitch. I need some words of wisdome from you guys. What would you say? Would you say anthing at all? HELP ME!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


OMG this is killing me!!! I just want to POAS so damn bad! And I can't because of this stupid HCG shot. I plan on POAS on Jan, 2. I figure that will be 15DPO and 11DP HCG shot. I should have an accurate result. Sadly if its negative it will be true.... I'm getting very nervous. I keep trying to tell myself that it worked. That I'm pregnant. Jake says in his head I am. What if I'm not? Its going to be the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. I haven't temped this cycle at all because I didn't want to obsess over my chart yet I still go on FF and look at other IVF charts. Like I can really compare anything to them but I do it anyway. I just wish I could know right now. I started using estrogen patches this morning. I have to put 2 on and change them every 3 days or so. I also have an RE appt Monday for an u/s & b/w. They wont be able to see anything yet, its just to check my ovaries and progesterone levels. I guess I'm just hoping to get some reassurance from my RE. I will update Monday night & let you know how that went. I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I'm so glad its over! I plan on taking down all my Christmas stuff tomorrow. I would have don't it today but I was just too lazy!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Award & some random's

Thank you Margilina for awarding me the "Your blog is fabulous" award! Such a sweetie.
The rules for this one is to admit my 5 addictions and then pass it onto another 5 blogs…
1. Cleanliness & order. I have to have everything in its perfect spot. If something is moved even slightly I WILL know & it pisses me off. I clean all the time. I hate dirt & clutter. I think I have a bit of OCD.
2. Candles. I love them! I bet I have 10 sitting around right now & yes I will burn them all at once. Drives Jake nuts. He says there are just too many damn scents in the house. What does he know!
3. Fountain soda. I normally don't drink soda at all, or any type of caffeine but I love fountain soda & drink was drinking 1 every day from the gas station. I have since stopped because I know caffeine is not good for me in my current situation. =)
4. My doggies! I could sit and talk about them for hours. Seriously.. if I think of something they did I will start telling the story and before I know it like 15 min have gone by. I bet my coworkers think I'm one of those weird dog ladies. Maybe I am? I need a child for Christ sake!
5. My Zune. I'm really hoping for a docking station for Christmas because I will seriously walk around the house w/my head phone on listening to it w/my cell on vibrate in my pocket in case someone calls. I'm such a looser.
I award this award to.... Jen, Christina, To a T, Misty Dawn, Sherry--- Sorry not smart enough to make links to these names. You know who you are!
Now for some randoms....
First of all Merry Christmas everyone! Honestly I'm so glad its here so it will soon be over. Christmas just isn't what it used to be. Tonight we are going to Jake's mom & dads. We used to go to his grandma's but since she passed in June the tradition has changed. I'm sure this will be a hard day for his family. Tomorrow we go to my mom's for a lunch dealyo. Her BF will be there. Joy. Talk about weirdness. Its so weird having Christmas w/out my dad let alone some strange guy at my house loving on my mom that is the same age as my brother! I swear we need to be on Jerry Springer. Sometimes I just want to kick this guy in the nads. Gives me the creeps. Mom had someone look at her house again last night. Apparently she is wanting to sell it and move to her BF's house. Selfish of me maybe but I just don't want her to. We moved into that house when I was 3. All of my memories are there. When I'm there I feel like my dad's there too. If she moves her new house w/BF will never be like "home" to me. Ah well. I have my own home now I guess. Oh the baby makin front. This TWW is killing me already! WHY did my RE have to make me take that extra shot of HCG damn it! It totally sucks that I have to wait even longer to test! I sure hope its worth it! Welp that's pretty much all I've got. I better get to getting ready. Later ladies!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Why so many?

I've had a few people ask me why I transferred so many embryo's and I'm going to explain why. My embryo's were perfect yes, my lining was perfect yes, there is no other known problems as to why even one embryo would not stick. My reason for transfering 3 was simply because of the statistics w/my RE's office. They are as follows.... (to the best of my knowlegdge anyway)

Out of 73 patients that transfered 3 embryo's only 47% ended up in pregnancy, 35% had a live birth. Meaning 10% miscarried. Out of those pregnancy's 0% was triplets and only 12% was twins.

Out of 73 patients that transferred 2 embryo's only 12% ended in a pregnancy, 0% w/twins.

Out of 73 patients that transferred 1 embryo 0% ended in pregnancy.

This statistics are what I remember of them telling me.... they may not be perfectly accurate & I have no idea how old those 73 patients were nor what was wrong w/them to begin with. Jake & I decided to take our chances and transfer the 3 because we had the best chance at becoming pregnant and the odds for multiples were rather small. We very well could be the couple that ends up in triplets (RE's office said they get a set of triplets about once a year) and we could very well end up in twins. On the other hand we could end up w/a BFN. Thank you all for your comments & all of your concerns. We will be needing all the prayers we can get! You are all so great!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm PUPO!!!!

I just got back from my ET. Everything went great & I hardly felt a thing. We transferred 3 Grade 1 embryo's which they said pretty much meant they are perfect! We froze the remaining 8. Looks like the 11th one we thought we lost caught up over night. The 8 that we froze were all Grade 1 or 2. I'm supposed to say off my feet for the rest of the day & tomorrow so I will check in w/you all later on. Thank you ladies!! My BPT is Jan 5th.- A little later than normal because I have to take 1/2 CC of HCG tomorrow for added uterine support so we have to wait until that is out of my system. HOLY CRAP!!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


ET is set for 8:30AM tomorrow morning! We have 7 4 cell embryo's, 1 3 cell embryo & 2 2 cell embryo's. I don't really know what that means but they said it was great! Looks like we only lost 1 of the 11 fertilized eggs. Wish me luck for tomorrow! I will update when I can about how it went & how many we transferred. Thanks again ladies!

Friday, December 19, 2008

I have 11 bambino's!

The RE just called and out of the 15 egg's 11 fertilized! I'm so happy and super excited! I can't wait for Sunday! They will be calling me again tomorrow morning to let me know how the 11 are doing and exactly when they want me to come in on Sunday. I really dont think I have been this happy in a LONG time!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

ER complete!

Hey ladies! I am finally somewhat up and about after my ER this morning. It went a lot better than I thought it was going to. The pain was minimal but I still have some cramping. Almost like the cramping after my Lap. About 45min after the ER they made me sit up to start getting ready to leave & I almost passed out. They then made me eat a few crackers and than I was fine. The ride home was fine... I dosed off for the most part. Once we got back into town (RE is 2hrs away) I wanted a Frutista from Taco Bell. I thought.... its fruit it will be good to eat that. Boy was I wrong. I took about 2 sips and puked all over myself, the jeep and even got a little on Jake. Poor guy. He was so good about it. Luckily we were only about 5 min away from home I got changed while he cleaned my puke out of the jeep. Then he ate his lunch. Hehe. Nothing bothers him. I've been sleeping on and off pretty much all day. You may be wondering how many eggs were extracted. Well there were 15! All were matured so they ICSI all 15 so I should find out tomorrow how many fertilized. ET is set for Sunday. I am so stickin excited! There is still a chance I will get a BFP in 2008! I will check out everyone's posts tomorrow. I started my vacation today ( I go back for 1/2 day on Xmas Eve) so I should have plenty of time to catch up w/everyone. For now I'm going to go lay back down on the couch. Thank you all so very very much for all of your support!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tag & update

First for the update.... I had yet another RE appt for b/w and us this morning. Everything looked great! My RE is so happy w/how things are turning out. I trigger tonight & I'm scheduled for my ER Thursday at 7:15AM!!! I'm so excited & nervous all at the same time! My vacation starts Thursday so I'm happy about that too. *wink*

I've been tagged by Margilina!

Here are the rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about you.
3. Tag 7 random people at the end, and include links to their blog

~Random facts about me~
1. I hate spiders. I think they are evil little critters and should all die!
2. My favorite TV show is House. Can't wait to watch it tonight!
3. I got kicked out of a Marilyn Manson concert back in the day... pretty hard to do that huh?
4. I hate meat in big chunks. I could never just eat a big hunk of meat. Maybe a little skinny hamburger or something but never a steak or anything like that.
5. I have 2 dogs & 1 cat (he lives w/my mom). My animals are like my children. I seriously think I would take a bullet for them.
6. I'm addicted to lip gloss. I constantly put it on.
7. I'm a really crappy cooker. I make a huge mess & can never follow the directions.

I'm tagging everyone! I think everyone's blog that I read has gotten this already!

Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm getting there...

Today's measurements were around 1.70-1.60. I'm continuing my dosage tonight & I go back in the morning. Looks like Trigger will be tomorrow night w/retrieval Thursday! I can't wait. My ovaries feel like they are going to explode, my head hurts & I'm extremely tired. My RE is afraid of over stimulation so I will be taking something for that too. Yikes!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Quick update

I only have a minute so this will be quick. Went to the RE this morning... keeping the same dosage & going back Monday. He said things are looking great. My lining is good... my Follies were measuring about 1.20-1.40 and I had about 10+ of them. He just had a big smile on his face the whole time he was measuring. Yippy! Sounds like I MAY be triggering Monday night & ER on Wed? Thats my guess. I will update Monday. Have a good weekend guys!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The latest

First off I will say OMG I have been sick the last 2 days! Vomiting and all. Ugh. I don't know if its the flu or the doxycyclin that I've been on or what. My RE said I didn't have to take the doxycyclin anymore as he will put me on antibiotics the day of ER. Thank you good sir. I feel a lot better today. I had another RE appt this morning for u/s and blood work. I'm wanting to say I had somewhere around 10 follies between .97 & 1.12. He said he was happy w/the number & size but they are growing a bit slow. Tonight I'll be taking 1amp of Menopur & begin taking Ganirelix. Keeping my 75IU of Follistim in the AM. I go back on Saturday for more u/s & b/w. They are guessing ER on Wednesday or Thursday of next week. That seems so far away! I will update again Saturday and let you all know what is going on!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

RE update

I had an RE appt this morning on day 4 of stims. Everything is looking good. I have 8 follies on the right which he said was a good number. The left ovary isn't doing much, as usual. I will be going back for more b/w & u/s on Thursday morning & will most likely start Ganirelix/Cetrotide then. I'm keeping the same dosage of Follistim & Menopur for now anyway. My head aches are still lingering. Plus the damn Doxycycline has been making me really sick to my stomach in the mornings. I know its because I don't eat before I take it but... it takes me a while before I'm ready for breakfast. I'm going to make myself eat tomorrow morning. I hate feeling like I'm going to barf. I'm starting to feel a bit uncomfortable around my ovaries... just like ovulation pains. I know its from all those follies growing. Its a good pain for that reason! We also went over Jake's SA they said everything looked good except he does have a low count... 15mil I believe is what they said. I guess it doesn't matter anymore though. We signed our paper to freeze our left over embies, if we have any of good quality after transfer. There's about $600 that INS doesn't cover. Crap. $ is the devil I tell you!

On a different note my little Ellie dog has some kind of red rash on her back by her butt. Looks like we may be making a trip to the Vet. She keeps biting at it. Poor thing. I have no idea what it could be. Maybe just a hot spot rash? Hopefully nothing bit her. She gets so sick so easily I just hope its nothing. I will update on that after I talk to the Vet when they open (they open late on Tuesdays). Anywho... that's all I've got for now. Hope everyone is doing good. Any ones done w/their Christmas shopping? I am! It feels so good to have that done!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Day 2 of stims.

I started stims yesterday! Yeah! Time seems to be flying by. This is something I've been looking forward to for months and the time has finally come for everything to start. Yesterday I started 75IU of Follistim (AM) and 2 amp's of Menopur (PM). Everything seems to be going well. Other than my massive headaches. I got headaches w/Follistim last time so I guess I'll just have to deal w/it. AF hasn't been to horrible to me. In fact I only had minimal cramps. This week will be super busy for me. Between taking all of these med's, driving 2 hours for my U/S and getting ready for Christmas (I'm almost done!) I'm not going to have time for shit! A friend of Jake's & his wife are coming from Indy for a quick visit & will be staying w/us Saturday night. I'm looking forward to it but yet I kinda hope they call and cancel. I just have a feeling that by this time next week I'm going to be so damn hormonal and will hate having house guests. Not to mention that they will be here during all my shots. Jake has told him a little bit of what is going on but I guess the secret will be out once they witness everything for themselves. I'm okay w/it though. I have nothing to hide. Hopefully we don't have an RE appt on Saturday since its 2 damn hours away! Then driving home only to have house guests arrive a few hours later. Not my idea of a good time. I'm one of those people that have to have everything perfect before someone comes over or I'm constantly worrying about it. I'm a bit of a neat freak. Anywho I better get going. I've been shampooing carpets today. Ugh... that's a nasty job. I have an RE appt Tuesday for b/w & and u/s. I will update and let you all know how it goes.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yippy skippity

Meds have arrived! I got a ginormous box sent FedEx to work.. yeah now everyone knows! I ran it home to get it in the fridge plus I wanted to check out my new supply of drugs & needles. There was all kinds of goodies in there. I wont name them all because it could take all night. I cant wait to start taking them on Saturday! AF arrived today just I suspected. Damn AF. I hope to dear god I don't see her again for 9 long healthy months. That's really all I've got tonight. I'm super tired & need to start making dinner. Will update more as they come up!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Back from RE update

Hey ladies! Thank you for all of your comments below. They really mean a lot to me. I'm so lucky to have so many great ladies rooting for me! You all deserve that BFP too and I hope we all get it soon! Here are my IVF instructions....

1. Take last BCP tonight 12/02. May or may not start AF. ~I'm sure I wont get lucky enough to NOT start it.
2. Begin baby aspirin on Saturday 12/06.
3. Jake & I are to begin Doxycycline 100mg AM & PM for 10 days starting Saturday 12/06. ~I just saw this... the nurse didn't say anything about this but it is on my instruction sheet. I will be calling them in a few to ask about this one. (My IVF nurse is on vaca this week. I didn't think this other lady was too educated.. plus my arm is killing me from my bw this morning. Weird. It never hurts.)
4. Starting Saturday 12/06... Follistim 75 IU in the AM & Menopur 2amps in the PM.
5. Return appt for u/s and estradiol bw next Tuesday 12/09.
6. I will be instructed when to begin Ganirelix/Cetrotide. They say its usually started on day 5 or 6 of stimulation in the evening and continued through the day of HCG.

Everything looked great. My lining was a bit thin but my RE said he wasn't concerned as the BCP's can cause this seeing as though I spot on them like crazy. He measured my uterus w/a catheter type thingy.... hurt like hell. He says he does that so he know exactly where to place the embies. Works for me! Cant friggin wait! I will update on the SA when I get the results back on that. Hopefully everything is good on that end too.

Again I'm so sorry I haven't been around much lately. I feel like I'm able to check my blog & place comments a lot more than webMD. It's hard to keep up w/it all. Hopefully things will slow down a bit for me and I can get back into the swing of things. I hope everyone is doing well!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Movin` right along!

I haven't posted a about a week so I thought I'd write a quick update for ya's.

TTC News~
I have an RE appt tomorrow morning for b/w & u/s and some more training on the different shots I will be taking for my IVF. Jake has to get a strict SA to be frozen afterwords. I'm so excited! Tuesday will be my last BCP so AF should be here Thursdayish and I start stims Saturday! Cant friggin wait. I'm like a kid on Christmas! I will update tomorrow on how everything went.

Other ramblings that no one really cares about~
After my RE appt tomorrow I get to do a bit of Christmas shopping. I've gotten a few things bought but not quite enough. I told Jake we HAVE to get all of our shopping done before my ER & ET because I plan to be laying my ass in bed for a least a few days after ET. Hopefully I will find a good book tomorrow so I have something to read during those few days. I'm taking vacation the week of Dec 15Th (ER & ET should be that week). I'm so excited. I just need a break from work regardless. Even if it is laying in bed doing nothing. The doing NOTHING part is what I can't wait for. This Saturday we are going to a town about 30min away w/Jake's parents, his bro & his kids to a Mexican restaurant and then to look at a Christmas light display in a park there that is supposedly pretty cool. Over the weekend we hosted a game night" w/some friends that were home from Chicago & Evansville so that was nice. We all had a good time & drank a bit too much. It was nice to just get to be around everyone and laugh. No one said anything stupid to me which was a definite +. On the budgeting from a few posts back.... I ordered the Dave Ramsey book & work book. Should be in any day. I'm anxious to start that too. Hopefully I can make it work for us!

Well that got a bit too long. I need to get going and get some stuff done around the house. Will post again tomorrow!