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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Stress hives?

I have hives. Stress hives I believe. I had them about 4 weeks ago as well and they continued on and off for about a week. I've had them for 2 days now. I can't find a connection between them for an allergy so I'm chalking it up to stress. Makes perfect sense to me. My kids have been sick pretty much non stop for 2 months, seems like M is constantly crying, C constantly wants my attention and someone from work seems to be texting me about problems every day. I have one more week of maternity leave which is bittersweet. I think I will be a better mom by working. Being a SAHM is definitely not for me. On the other hand I will be taking on a lot more responsibility at work and learning something completely new. I'm sure my stress level can only go up at this point. Ack. Having hives freaking sucks. I really hope this isn't a permanent issue. DH doesn't seem to be too supportive.. I tell him this and he's all "what do you want me to do? Just get over it. It will all pass." Really all I want is a hug and someone to say I'm doing just fine... I'm doing a good job... I'm a good mom. I have a babysitter lined up so me DH and I can have some alone time once a month.  I'm waiting until M is a little better first. Then we have the grandparents issue... my mom comes over every Sunday and see's the boys and stays for about an hour. DH's parents on the other hand... might stop by once every 3 weeks, leave the car running and see the kids for 5 min. Neither of our parents ever come and get C and do anything with him. Never once has any of them said hey... why don't you guys go out to dinner and I'll come watch the boys for a few hours. We've went out to dinner one time since M was born and had to ask our parents to watch the boys... I just wish I didn't have to ask. I swear when my boys have kids they will be so sick of me coming over and stealing their kids! I vow to be the best grandma ever! Did I mention that my mom lives 10min away and DH's parents like 5? Seems like it wouldn't be too inconvenient to spend more time with them. Okay vent over. I do feel better... I needed to bitch. :)


Christina said...

I hope your stress level is able to go down some when you go back to work. I'm not cut out to be a SAHM either, I love being with the girls but I hate being at home with them ALL DAY LONG.

That sucks about your mom and in-laws. We don't have any parents but I'm sure if we did they'd be over to visit a lot more. My aunt comes over at least every other week to see the girls now. But we never get to go out, no one offers to babysit either.

A Wife and a Teacher said...

I'm sorry!! Sending you big hugs.

The sickies have been at our house too. Will or I have been sick since Thanksgiving. My husband is still working 7 days a week and bless his heart he tries but he is just not here enough. My parents do try to help but they live 2 hours away. I have had a few people from church offer to help but Will is so clingy, he is all over me when anyone he does not really know comes over.

Jenn said...

Things will get better. I promise.

But about the grandparents... I learned this with my first son. My parents would never step in while i was parenting... the only time they would step in would be if I asked for help. Which resulted in me breaking down crying one day because Wesley at the time was a baby would not stop crying for hours... My mom at the time said, just ask, I don't want to step on toes.

Allison said...

You're doing a great job; you're a great mom; and things WILL get better. Or, they'll get different, at least. You'll have adult conversations about grown-up things again soon.

That being said, Coworker needs to STOP IT ALREADY! ONE MORE WEEK!

That's a bitch about neither of your mom's spending much time with the boys. :(

Also? Hives SUCK. I get them from time to time and am dealing with them right now, too. On my face. Irritating as hell, man.


Julie said...

I completely understand your frustration with DH. Mine was just doing the same thing after I injured my arms from working out too hard. I had to remind him that sometimes I just need him to be supportive. Guys always think that you are asking them to solve your problem if you bring up something that is bothering you.