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Thursday, June 14, 2012


I'm horrible. I'm surprised anyone even reads my blog anymore. I'm not even going to come up w/some lame excuse as to why I haven't been blogging. I just suck. Period. I feel so bad for baby #2 because I never blog about him/her. I haven't kept track of my symptoms...  hell I haven't even posted an u/s or belly pic on here or FB. I have been taking a belly pic every week for my belly book. Wouldn't you know it though.. I haven't developed a single picture yet. It has seriously been 4 months since I've developed pictures. I really need to get on that and get more organized. Yeah right. I don't have time for that right now! Life is good... pregnancy is good. I haven't gained any weight yet but I'm starting to get a little pooch. I've had a lot of fainting spells w/this pregnancy too. I've had blood work done and it came back normal. Doc says to eat 6 small meals a day that a high in protein & good sugars. Easier said than done. I don't have time to eat 6 freaking meals for one thing and I'm not hungry enough to eat that much.  I should be eating something now before bed but I don't wanna and nothing sounds good. RLP is back w/the vengeance and so is the sciatic nerve pain. Was hoping those 2 things would stay away! I should have my BIG ultra sound on July 10th! I can't wait! I want to start getting a room ready but don't know what colors I need. I'm a planner... once I find out the sex of the baby I'll be decorating in no time! Collin is crazy! He's definitely in the terrible 2's! He argues w/me like crazy and wants to do everything himself! He's a very stubborn little boy. I have no idea who he gets that from :) His vocabulary insane. He know so much and it amazes me. I can literally have a conversation w/this kid. Some words I have to think about but for the most part you can understand every word that comes out of his mouth. One of the funny ones is "sit" sounds like "shit." I shouldn't but I laugh. He repeats everything so we really have to watch what we say.

Well I'm about to fall asleep on my key board but before I go I'll tell you a few funnies from Collin the last few days.

I'm changing his diaper on his changing table and he tells me there's a spider on the ceiling. I freaking hate spiders and was afraid to look up. Once I got the courage I saw that it was a dust web. I told him it was a "dust bunny." Now every time I change his diaper he talks about the bunny that lives on his ceiling. I don't have the heart to knock it down. It's like his little pet!

Tonight I was getting him ready for bed and went to throw something in the trash can next to me. I bent down and smacked my chin on the corner of his changing table. It hurt so bad it brought tears to my eyes. Collin goes "I sowwy mommy" and kissed my chin. It was the sweetest thing I think I've ever seen. This kid melts my heart.


Misty Dawn said...

Better get some pics on here!! LOL

Christina said...

I still read your blog :)

I was really bad with belly pics for Annabel and she's almost 6 months old and I still haven't printed them out yet for her baby book!

Angie said...

Still reading! Glad to hear things are still good with you. :)

^J^ said...

Cute stories!!

Steph O. said...

Still reading! I'm a terrible blogger too, but it's good to know that our real friends are still there for us. :)
Collin sounds adorable! I'm excited to find out if he's getting a brother or sister.