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Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I know we did. Collin loved his gifts and really enjoyed opening them and seeing all the new toys! Funny, because he has all these new toys now and still wants to play with my camera, phone or anything else he shouldn't be messing with! LOL.

DH got me an open hearts necklace from Kay Jewelers and a digital photo frame. I got him a new gas grill. It's been a great year for us and I hope next year is even better!

Okay what the hell?? Blogger I hate your stinking guts. I can't upload my Christmas pictures now for whatever reason. I tried it last night too. I swear I have more trouble w/blogger anymore. Oh well, I think we're all FB friends anyway so you've seen my pics.


Allison said...

Merry Christmas, Jayme!!! LMAO that Collin is still more into your phone - too funny!

Here's to a great 2012! Cheers!

A Wife and a Teacher said...

Merry Christmas! I have not tried to upload pictures yet...hopefully blogger will work.

^J^ said...

Thanks for the "love" on one of my last posts! You made me smile!
....Been thinking about you lately, hope you are doing good & tell Collin to get well soon! : )