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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Yey & Ney!

Well I called my RE's office this morning and the check is mine! Don't ask me how in gods name I overpaid by $1300 flipping dollars but I'll take it! I asked if I could go ahead and make an appt for a basic check up. I was worried they wouldn't let me because I'm not TTC at this time. Well they told me no, but not because I'm not TTC but because my RE & his partner are retiring and they are closing their doors after the 1st of the year. ~Insert tears here~ Apparenlty they only sent letters to people that were established in the last 3 years. Well it's been over 3 years since my first visit so I didn't get a letter. They said it was a glitch in their system. They are forwarding my records to a different RE that is actually closer to me- 1hr. This RE does everything at his office except an egg retrieval. That has to be done at his "main" office which is about 2 hours from me. No biggie there. I'm used to driving 2hrs to get to my RE anyway. I hope I never have to go there. I hope TTC #2 is easy and we can DIY. Not holding my breath on that one though. If not I hope it's a nice place and I hope I like them as well as my current RE. My RE and his staff are seriously the best. I love and miss them so much. I am so thankful to them for giving me Collin. I can't even express my gratitude. I want to do something for the office but I dont know what. I dont want to do flowers but maybe some kind of food. Ideas??

I'm sorry I've been such a crappy friend... I will get back to commenting. I've been trying to read but have been busy and not commenting so much.


^J^ said...

I plan on baking cookies/treats for my RE & staff once I ever get PG and stay that way. ;) He came real close last month, but then the unthinkable happened and I decided to hold off for the next IUI.

Sorry you have to switch RE's :{ that really stinks.

M said...

Those fruit boquets are awesome. Edible arrangements they are called here, or maybe a cookie bouquet???

I hope you love your new RE as much as your last one!

A Wife and a Teacher said...

Sorry you have to switch RE's maybe you will not need them. ;-) I'm sure they would like some type of sweets.

Christina said...

I agree with the girls, either cookies or one of those Edible arrangements would be good!

I moved my blog to if you get a chance to read again. Long story!

I hope TTC #2 is easy for you!!

Misty Dawn said...

Wahoo to the check and boo on the RE!! How awful! I find the more seasoned RE's are more knowledgable. I hope it all works out for you?!?