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Saturday, November 5, 2011

My babies not a baby

Anymore. We fought him so hard with sleeping and now he wont let us rock him. He wants to just be laid in his crib and fall asleep on his own. He sleeps all night. This was what I wanted right? It breaks my heart though. Even makes me cry. I miss my little baby that fell asleep in my arms every night.I miss cuddling him. I miss being needed. He's growing up so fast. Slow down time, slow down.


E said...

Come to my house for a night; you will feel differently after getting up with 2 babies every night!! ;)

Allison said...

Awww!! I'm finding the same thing ... some stages are hella hard but as soon as it's gone, I miss it. Lol
(((Hugs)))) as your boy becomes a "big boy."

A Wife and a Teacher said...

I can't believe how big he is! Sending you big hugs. It is amazing how fast time flies. I can't believe mine turned two weeks yesterday!!

^J^ said...

No he's not a baby anymore. :{ But, I'm sure he will always need his momma!!