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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Collin burned the tips for all four fingers on one of his hands today on the grill... I feel terrible. I know how bad burns hurt. My poor baby. We should have been watching more closely. Lesson learned.


A Wife and a Teacher said...

Ouch, poor Collin! Hopefully he will stay away from the grill from now on!

Steph O. said...

Poor guy!

Don't beat yourself up about it though. I got excited once while mom was making candy & stuck my hand on a burner that had just been shut off (electric). I screamed, she felt guilty, but she couldn't have prevented it. Little kids move really fast even after a warning of danger. :)

E said...

aww poor baby Collin!! and mamma!! don't beat yourself up too much. Viktor almost burned his hand on the oven door once. They grow so quickly sometimes we can never guess what is going to happen or what they are going to get in to. Big hugs.

To A T said...

Aww! Poor little guy! I hope his fingers heal quick!