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Sunday, July 10, 2011

11 Months & an Anniversary

~11 Month photo~
I'm a little late but Collin turned 11 months on the 4th! Doesn't seem possible. He's taking steps by himself so I'm sure he'll be walking all over by his birthday. He jabbers non stop and is all around a happy boy. He did have another ear infection on Thursday but now that it's all cleared up all is good. He's still not sleeping well... getting up about once a night for a bottle. We plan to do the cry it out method tonight. We'll see how that goes! It's so hard and I cave after about 15min. He shouldn't be getting up though, he needs to learn to self soothe and I know this. It's just hard to let him cry. I constantly think something is wrong w/him and that's why he's crying. What if he's hurt, maybe he has a stomach ache and on & on. Maybe I'll get lucky and he'll just start sleeping through the night on his own and I won't have to play the bad guy!

DH & I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary yesterday! We went to ST Louis Mo. We went to the Bud.weiser Tour, had a nice lunch & dinner, went out to some bars and back to the hotel by 11! We were tired. DH slept great but I kept waking up. It was nice to get away for the night but I was so ready to come home and see my little man. It doesn't seem possible that we've been married for 6 years... but then again so much has happened in those 6 years. I really don't think I would change a thing.

We are still talking about building a house and we will hopefully have an estimate tomorrow. I'm so nervous. I just hope we can do it for the price I'm wanting. If not, we're stuck here! I love my house but we need more room and I really want to be in a better neighborhood. I guess we'll find out soon enough! Money's a bitch.


E said...

Happy 11 month Collin! I know what you mean about crying it out. It is hard, very hard. Viktor still gets up 1 to 3 times a night but my husband has been getting up and sticking a bottle in his mouth (I Know not good) and he usually goes back to sleep. Some babies only cry for a few minutes and for only a night or too and there are OTHERS who cry inconsolably for hours and for weeks/months. It makes it very hard. Good luck.

M said...

Collin is adorable!!!

Im so sorry you are struggling with Collins sleeping. It's hard to let them cry it out... I caved in a lot too. I did give A a bottle in the middle of the night and then he eventually just grew out of it. I'm sorry I can't give you some great advice but just hang in there!!

Allison said...

Happy anniversary!!! :)

I can't believe your little guy is 11 months already. He is more darling with each picture!

A Wife and a Teacher said...

I can't believe Collin will be 1 in a month!!!! He is such a cutie!

That sounds like my husbands dream trip! I'm sure it's hard to be away from Collin.

Good luck with the house.