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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trigs- not me

~Poss Trigs~

I just got off the phone w/my mom and my niece is pregnant. She's 16. She's a HS drop out. Has no job. No car. Nothing. I say she's my niece but she's actually my brothers ex's daughter. They started dating when she was just a year old so she's basically been my niece her whole life. I knew from the time she was just a little girl that she was going to be trouble. I knew this was coming. She has a different boyfriend all the time. Apparently she does know who the father is and he is her current boyfriend. She's due Dec 19th. I'm speechless. Not surprised but still speechless.. why couldn't it have been one of you? Why a 16 year old girl with absolutely nothing to offer this child. Well she can offer love I guess so I shouldn't say nothing. The child will be loved I have no doubts about that. Ugh I just don't know what else to say.

Another wammy- my best friend is having a hard time TTC. She has large fibroid tumor which is pushing out her uterus. They said if they tried to remove it they would have to remove her uterus with it because it is so large. She isn't ovulating and they think she has endo. Though she hasn't had a LAP yet to confirm. They said it's possible she could get pregnant but it will probably a long battle and if she does she will be extremely high risk. My heart breaks for her.

Day's like this just suck. Plain and simple.

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Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

I went through a lot to have my two girls and my sis had to have IVF to have her son. This always upsets me because I had such pain with endo and TTC. :(