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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I was thinking today about our 5 senses. Do you ever smell something or hear something and it takes you back to an event that happened years ago? I will hear a song and remember listening to it in high school and remember exactly what I was doing and who I was with. I will smell something like a persons cologne and it will remind me of how someone smelled that I have seen in years. Sometimes I taste something and it will remind me of how something smells. Like band.aids. Don't ask me how but I swear I have a band.aid taste in my mouth all the time! If I had to choose one of the 5 senses (Sight, sound, taste, smell & touch) to loose I don't know what I would pick. Loosing any of them would be horrible and they are all linked together in a way. I can't imagine. I guess I'd pick taste. Maybe then I wouldn't eat so much crap! What would you pick?


Julie said...

After much thought I think I would choose my sense of touch. I definitely don't what to lose any of my senses but that would be one sense that I could at least continue to work, be independent and for the most part enjoy life.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jayme,

An aside comment related to the band-aid taste.. apparently it is due to ketosis. Do eat a very low-carb diet or work out a lot and don't refuel? I used to get it regularly too.

Cheers, Raquel