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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Coupons & comments for my girls

~Still having trouble w/blogger but don't want you ladies to think I've forgotten you!
-Tanya- Praying for you! We are here for you always. Lots of (((HUGS)))
- Sarah- Congrats on the boy! So glad everything is looking good & can't wait to see the u/s pics!
-Robin- ((((HUGS))) I'm so very sorry. I can't imagine what you are going through. We are here to lend a shoulder.
I'm sure I'm missing others that I've wanted to comment on. Hopefully blogger will get its crap together SOON!

On to my obsession w/coupons. Coupons. I love em! I'm trying/wanting to become an Extreme Couponer! I don't have the space for a gigantic stock pile but just saving money on my groceries in general would be fabulous! Money's tight and our grocery bill is one of our biggest expenses. Thus I'd like to scale it down a bit. I've been getting my coups in the paper, and Any other sites that you ladies go to? I used to have a blog that I followed that had different stores and deal at each of them but I can't find it. I'd love to join a coupon club of sorts but don't even know how to go about doing it. I'm in no way shape or form anywhere near as good as the girls on Extreme Couponing BUT I'm trying. We don't have crap for grocery stores around here and no one doubles or matches your coupons so getting something for FREE is nearly impossible. I do however think I'm getting a deal for my trip this weekend... at Save-A-Lot. I'm getting....
3 boxes of Hamburger Helper- $1 each- .75 coupon= 2.25
4 packages of Knorr rice- $1 each- (2) .50 off 2 packages coupon's= 3.00
1 Fisher Boy Fish sticks- $1 (no coupon just like these & they're cheap)= 1.00
6 cans of Pringles- $1 each- (2) $1 off 3 cans= 4.00
Total= $10.25

I didn't think that was too bad considering all the stuff I'm getting. PLUS I joined their Smart Shopper club and got a coupon for $5.00 off my purchase of $25 or more. Woot!

~Collin update~
He's crawling. Everywhere. Pulling up. On everything. My house is soooo not baby proof and I'm reminded of this every time I tell him "no" or pry something from his tiny fingers. He's gotten into the dog food. Twice. I've got my work cut out for me. He's a mover!


Anonymous said...


E said...

I found this really neat site:

I am thinking about trying it out.

To A T said...

I also go to and and I follow and fabulesslyfrugal. Have fun couponing!! :)

A Wife and a Teacher said...

Thank you!!! I hope blogger gets things fixed SOON!! It is kind of depressing not getting comments!