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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Prayers Needed

A good friend and coworker for mines son was diagnosed with this before he was even born. He's had to have MRI's done since birth every year. Well, one tubor has developed in his brain so they have been doing MRI's every 6 months. He just had an MRI done yesterday and found that the tubor has grown again. They will do another MRI in 6mo and will most likely do surgery after that. Please send this little guy some prayers. He's such a little sweet heart. So far he has no developmental delays or skin problems. If you were around him you'd have no idea he had this problem. Luckily they found he had tubors during a routine u/s when she was pg so they've been able to monitor it accordingly. Again, say a prayer for the family and I will try and update you when he has his next appt. Thanks!


^J^ said...

Poor little guy!

Coco said...

I will be praying! My cousin has this disease. His mom was told that if he didnt turn out mentally retarded then he would be severly mentally handicapped. Amazingly he is now a completely normal 27 year old husband with a toddler and a baby on the way. He has the occasional seizure and has very little visible skin tags. I hope that your friend can keep up hope with stories like my cousins!