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Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday smiday

Hi ya'll! It's Friday. Woohoo!!! I have quite the exciting weekend planned and I'm anxious to get it a rollin`. Here's a list to do list for the weekend...

Friday night- Trec Race. What's a trec race you might ask? Well it's a tricycle race to raise money for a bike trail in town. I'm home and finished already. My team sucked. We were out in the 1st heat. It was myself and 3 other people from work. Maybe next year!!
Saturday morning/afternoon- grocery shopping, shoe shopping for Collin, jean shopping for myself, Mother's Day shopping, and birthday present shopping. That's a lot of shopping to do!
Saturday night- Bachelorette Party! Woohoo can't wait!! A girl from work is getting married next weekend. We're taking a bus around bar hopping. Woo a night out. I'm so excited!!
Sunday- Baby shower for my cousin from 1-3, then b-day party for my nephew from 4-6. Fun filled party day. This will be my first baby shower since Collin. I wonder if it will still be weird. I wonder if I'll still be somewhat upset. I still don't like pregnant people. I still think they're all fertile skank bitches. I guess I probably always will.

Now for some random stuff. I'm sure it will be really boring so read if you want!

  • I didn't get the promotion at work. I really don't understand why. My boss flat out told me I was basically doing that job already and had nothing bad to say about me that would make him not pick me. Alas, he picked someone else and made me her assistant. Huh? I really don't like being an assistant to someone when I'm already doing their job and have been for years. Someday maybe I'll get the credit I deserve. Until then, I'll stick w/being a peon and making jack crap.

  • Collin's 2 bottom teeth have finally came in! They haven't raised up yet but the are cut through and should be all the way up w/in the next few weeks. I'm so excited. I was getting worried that he wasn't going to have teeth!

  • Rain! Ack. We have had so much rain our house is going to float away. Thank god this weekend is supposed to be decent. Our yard needs mowed BAD!

  • Did I seriously just blog about the weather? Am I really that lame? I'm not even going to erase it because I really have nothing better to talk about. Gawd.

  • Ellie is doing better. We got her urine checked again and she is free from bacteria. We are going to retest urine & blood in 3 months. Hopefully she is good to go and sticks around a little longer. Love my little doggie!

  • As I've said before I joined the "chub club" at work. I've lost 2 lb! I'm really excited about that. 2lb isn't much but I only needed to loose 8 so 2 is pretty darn good I think!

  • We're watching the Book of Eli tonight. We've already watched it a while back it was so good. If you haven't seen it get it!

  • Well it's getting to be bath time so I better skedaddle. Later ladies!

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^J^ said...

"I still think they're all fertile skank bitches." Ha! You made me laugh so hard with this one. That is greatness Jayme!!!!

Enjoy the shopping! Seems you have quite a hectic w/end.

That trec race sounds interesting! Here's to winning next year!!