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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Holy Shit & time to change it up!

First off I want to say that my blog has gotten so dull & boring. I mean really, do you really want to read updates on Collin's growth & nothing else? Everything Collin is certainly exciting to me but boring to everyone else I'm sure. Of course I will still be posting his updates but I vow to post some exciting new things as well. I need ideas though. What could my blog be? What would you like to read? I've lost so many readers or maybe just comments since Collins birth. I know it's part because of my IF readers. I don't blame you. I couldn't read Mommy blogs either. Miss you guys though! And part because I'm so damn boring. I need the old damn it all, screw this Jayme back. This mommy stuff is making me weak & soft =) I'd like to do an interesting Q & A post in the next few days. Ask me anything, anything at all and I will answer it honestly. You can ask something funny, serious, whatever! Please & thank you!

Now for some HOLY SHIT! You may want to run to the bath room and tinkle real quick because this story might make you pee yourself... It's about Collin, poop & DH toes.

Last night I was getting Collin ready for his bath. Took his clothes off and then his diaper. There was a tad of a poop streak in his diaper but nothing out of the ordinary. Kids had poop problems from day one. I wiped his butt and handed him to his dad- bare assed. Out of no where the biggest turd I have EVER seen comes out of Collins butt. It lands on the bath room sink, rolls down the front of the vanity and lands on DH's bare toes with a splat. Somehow there was poop all over the sink, Dh's shirt & of course his toes. I've never seen anything like it. I'm trying to keep it together and get Collin cleaned up and in the tub while DH's cleaning poo off of virtually everything in the bath room. I've got tears rolling from laughter, Collins crying because he didn't even know what just happened. Dh's didn't see the humor in it... I thought it was hilarious. Okay so maybe you aren't about to pee yourself but trust me if you were here, you would have.


devonmarie said...

That's funny!

I'm a new mommy too (and fellow infertile) , my little girl is 8 months old. I've lurked here for a while now.

The second night home with my little lady, I was changing her diaper in the middle of the night on our bed, and when I took her diaper off she farted, and poop flew out of her butt, and onto my leg! ( It was just a little bit) I don't think I ever laughed so hard, I was just glad it wasn't more so it didn't get on the bed!

Ah, the joy of parenthood :)

Allison said...

HAH!!!!!!!!!!! I'm crying!!

Morgan Owens said...

No, I totally did about pee myself! LOL Been there and done that, we have some hilarious poop and pee stories too...these boys! :)

Are you and Jake going to TTC again? If so, when?
How has being parents changed your relationship with DH?
Has being a parent changed your social life much?
Just a few randoms to give ya something to blog about? I feel you on feeling like your blog is boring and not having anything to blog about!

Tanya said...

i WAS about to pee myself. That is awesome. I've had a few blunders like that and even though they weren't that funny when they happened, they are now.... I'm sure your DH will find the humor after awhile and he will probably remind Collin of it as he gets older... :)

Anonymous said...

Poop stories are the BEST especially when Collin hits about 15 yrs.old !!!

Julie said...

It's crazy how baby poop gets EVERYWHERE. I was changing my nephew's diaper once and somehow he got poop on his hand and then grabbed my shirt. His hand wasn't anywhere near his diaper that I saw.

I haven't deserted you. I always read, I just don't always comment.

Jenn said...

That is so funny!!!!!!

Angie said...

That's definitely a "glad-it-didn't-happen-to-me" moment! I'd have laughed, too.

E said...

LOL. Viktor pooped in the tub the other night. Fun fun.

A Wife and a Teacher said...

LOL!!! Your poor DH!

Michelle said...

You've got to just be yourself, engage your readers, and spend some time doing stuff for you. Once you make the adjustment (it didn't happen for me until after he was a year old) that you're more than a mom it gets easier to write about more than just your kids. (Though I still do that a fair bit too!)

Maybe a new blog template too will spice it up? I always do that when I'm feeling the blogging blahs.

Jamie Renee said...

I just came across your blog from another blog that I follow.. "Another Day Stronger".. I died laughing reading your story! My daughter is 5 weeks old and I have experienced some crazy things so far.. hopefully I don't experience the splashing poop!! Love your blog!

Jamie Renee said...

I'm new to your blog.. I follow "Another Day Stronger".. this story was great.. I died laughing.. My daughter is only 5 weeks old and I have experienced some crazy things so far.. splashing poop is in my future, I'm sure!

love you blog :)