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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hey Anon!

Go fuck yourself. Yeah, you're really a nice person... yet you can go bad mouth my girl Allison when you don't even know her! I don't give two shits what you say about me on here. Go ahead, I find it amusing. I'm not a nice person. Telling me to get over it about my dog... I hope you burn in hell you worthless piece of shit. Thanks for giving me something interesting to blog about =P


Tanya said...

Who the hell is this Anon??? Seriously, if they have nothing better to do than BLOG hop, thats pretty sad...

I hope that your furbaby gets better Jamie!

Allison said...

*Smooooch!* Thanks, chickie.

That was crazy-mean.

Hope your puppy is doing okay.

Jen said...

I can not believe that somebody left you that comment yesterday. AWFUL!! They obviously have no idea how much our fur babies mean to us.

I hope Ellie is feeling better! I always get crazy worried when Bo is just a little "off" acting.
We love our dogs like they are our children.
Good job sticking up for your self and for Ellie!!

Steph O. said...

What an awful thing to say! Yeah, this anon has themself fooled into thinking they are a "nice person" when they clearly have no idea what it means! >:^/

I hope Ellie is back to being herself soon.

elephantscanremember said...

I just don't get stupid head people like that. Trouble makers. (hugs)

I hope Ellie is feeling better too.

Robin said...

No way!! What's up with this person?

How's Ellie today?

Misty Dawn said...

LMAO Where are these people finding us from??

Anonymous said...

Your little friend Allison TOTALLY lied about what I wrote to her. I never called her a fat ass or said anything about her weight! She's pregnant, for goodness' sake! I said that based on what she posted about her diet lately (which is, eating lots of food, anything in sight), she probably has gas and it isn't her baby moving. IS THAT REALLY SO TERRIBLE?!?! Baby books all say that first time moms don't feel the baby moving until about 20 weeks.

But NOOOOO, it offended poor lil Allison, so she made it sound so much worse than it was so that she could get sympathy. Read the comments, most people took offense to the weight thing, even though she made that up! I didn't bad mouth her.

I grew up on a farm. You just shouldn't get too attached to animals. You just shouldn't. I was mean in the way I said it because I was mad yesterday. I shouldn't have been mad at you, since it's not your fault Allison is a liar. Anyway, I hope your dog gets better.

Anonymous said...

ROFL ! Jayme, never ever knew that you could use those Hate to be in an IRL quarrel with you girl !

Hope the pooch is feeling better !

Anonymous said...

With my first pregnancy I felt very definitive movement at about 17 weeks, it became REGULAR at 20 weeks. I have had 4 babies and felt them all at different times.

Books don't always know everything.

I have no idea what anon said to Allison or not but I do know that anon is not carrying Allison's baby therefore knows not what Allison felt. It's HER boday. Who are you to judge what she felt? That's just insane.

And Jayme, I hope your doggy gets better.

stephs3kidz from WebMD

Anonymous said...

That was really mean to say about your dog ((hugs)).I must say though, I am kind of happy someone said something to Allison, I know I'm not the only one who finds her getting just a little bit annoying since getting KU. Maybe its IF making me bitter but I had to stop reading, she got really inconsiderate, really quick.

Christina said...

This is why I don't allow people to leave anonymous comments anymore!
Sorry about your dog, hope she's doing better.

Julie said...

All I have to say is: some people like creating DRAMA!

A Wife and a Teacher said...

I can't believe how rude and insensitive some people can be!!! I hope your doggy is feeling better.

Morgan Owens said...

Some people thrive on being bitches.

My dog is like my child, we call him our "first born"! I would be so sad if he were sick! Hope your pup is doing okay! ((HUGS))