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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


  • Collin turned 6 months on Friday!! Wow.. he's gotten so big so fast. I just wish I could stop the clock. He rolls over, says Dada, babbles all kinds of nonsense, sits up w/out support for a min, feeds himself a bottle (not very well though). He's ate all the fruits & veggies and love them! He got his shots today and took them like a champ! He weighs 17lb 8oz and is 27in long. That puts him in the 50% on weight & 60% on height. Wow. I thought for sure he'd be a shorty like his dad & I. He's the light of my life for sure. I am so blessed to have him.
  • We got a terrible ice storm here last week. Almost all businesses were closed including my place of work. It was nice to have an extra day off BUT Collin was sick ALL week w/a stomach bug. Diarrhea and all. Then he passed it on to me which passed it on to DH. I'm just now starting to feel better and I got sick Friday afternoon. Ugh. I don't think I've felt that bad in my entire life. I can't believe Collin was as good as he was because if he felt half as bad as I did I would think for sure he'd be crying non stop. He did cry a lot but all in all he was a good boy =)
  • So about the ice storm... it took out one of our monstrous trees in our back yard. It's going to cost us $500 to get it cut down. We're leaving the stump because I'm going to make a picnic table for Collin out of it this summer. I hope it turns out!
  • Well Collin's started to get fussy so I'm going to get off here... hope all is well w/you ladies!!

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elephantscanremember said...

I hope you don't get the next round of ice/snow and hope you're all feeling so much better. ;)

You have such a cute little boy!