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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some vents/need advice BAD

I started the year w/a positive post. Not it's time to be a Negative Nancy! (I don't mean the Nancy we know, just the phrase) hehe

  • CD32 for me and no AF. What actually made me think my cycles would be that of a normal woman's body? I really did not want to get on BCP but if my cycles continue to be wacky I will have to. My RE was afraid if I didn't have regular cycles I'd be at risk for endometrial cancer. Fabulous. Nothing like paying $30 a month for BCPs. I'm freaking IF people!
  • Mother. Yes a mother vent. Haven't done that in a while! This will be long so brace yourselves! Remember me telling you a while back that my mom sold her house? The house I wanted to buy? Well she did and she ended up giving my brother $40 grand to pay his house off with. WTF? First of all my brother is the most selfish person I think I've ever met. Hes lazy. He treats my mom like shit and she gives him $40 fucking grand? He doesn't even take care of his house! I have to work for every freaking penny I have and I'm proud of that. She claims that she feels bad because she doesn't have that money to give me too. I don't want her money. I just don't understand why she does me this way? She knew I wanted that house then she sells it and gives my brother part of her profit? I just don't understand. I hate even talking to her anymore because I just want to tell her to fuck the hell off. I've been keeping my cool because I want Collin to know her and I know she loves him to death. But seriously. It's just wrong. My dad is probably rolling over right now. The whole situation is so fucked up. I just can't stop thinking about it. I really don't know how I should feel. I mean it's her money and she can do as she wishes but it's just so unfair. Being a mother now I just can't see how I could ever give Collin something like that and then not give it to my other child. Exp when I know how hard they work and how tight money is for them. Any advice girls? What would you do?
  • Collin has a terrible cold. I'm going to bring him to the doc tomorrow. He has a runny nose and a horrible cough. I know it's from daycare. I freaking hate daycare. I've been trying to find in home but it's not working out so well. Maybe if I had an extra $40 grand laying around I could take a few years off and stay home with him! HAHAHAHAH. I really hope he feels better. Poor baby.
  • I'm toying with the idea of going private. I feel like I have a lot of stuff on my mind these days and you guys are my best listeners/advice givers. Maybe I'm paranoid but I don't want anyone I know IRL to read my blog. Exp when I'm probably bitching about them!
  • I have much more to whine about but I'll save it for another day. Maybe AF is on her way because I'm a tad bit pissy this morning! =)


Elizabeth said...

Hi Jayme- usually I lurk but just wanted to come out & say sorry you're having parental issues. I really have no real advice & what she did was messed up because things should be done fairly with each child you may have but I guess to keep the peace you should try to let it go for Collin's sake. Or if you think it would help address it with her and let her know that while you're proud of everything you work for you wish she'd treat you fairly & then let it go. And you can take from this too- even if your mom isn't a very good motherly roll model (and I don't know just making an assumption) you can learn from her what NOT to do.

E said...

Damn!!!!! that is seriously F'd up!! I don't blame you for being pissed. If I were you, I would let her know how you feel...don't hold back. That is not fair. I am in shock.

I hope Collin feels better. It is hard when they get sick.

JandKStaats said...

Hey girl! Go private if you need to, its your blog do what YOU want! :) (But invite me :)

I know what you mean about daycare. I searched high and low for in home care...get this? In home is cheaper!!!

How is his sleeping going? Did you start sleep training??

Tanya said...

First, if you go private, I wanna be included! 2nd your mom issue is hard. I deal with my own mom issues and they haven't been like that as I'm an only child...but she has been the source of some major stuff in my life so I sort of understand. I have come to the conclusion that our relationship will never be the same as it once was but for the sake of my children, I often grin and bear it.

I can't really offer you any advice for your situation because you have to have good mental health to take care of Collin, so maybe that means distancing yourself a little.

JennaDee said...

I've been wanting to go private too but don't know how too!! Also about the brother situtation I know exaclty how you feel, I think boys have a special place in mothers hearts... I can't say if this is true since I only have boys. But my mother reaches out to my lazy brother (who is in jail) and gives him whatever he needs.

AF... oh I'm not the best advice giver on that. Because my AFs keep on getting farther and farther apart.

Oh and Daycare? Ugh... I may have to start looking for one for my boys and not excited about that!

A Wife and a Teacher said...

I'm sorry you are having such a hard time! I know you mean about being afraid to say some stuff, I do have some real life friends that read my blog so sometimes I feel like I can't share what I want to.

Hopefully you will be able to find a good in home daycare. My two best friends have both been lucky and found great places for their babies that are in home and much cheaper!

Robin said...

You have every right to be upset at your mom and brother. It doesn't seem fair at all. I'm sorry :(

Hope Collin feels better soon!

Steph O. said...

What your mom did is so messed up! As I recall, you didn't even expect her to sell it to you for less. And she wanted the profit to give it to an ingrate? Sorry, no advice on that one. My parents are awesome, but I have a crazy gramma like that. (i've learned to keep my distance, but mom still can't)

I hope Collin is feeling better soon. Poor kid!

Oh & if you go private, I'd still like to be included! :)