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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

She found me!

AF found me today. Oh happy day. I never thought I'd be happy to see the bitch but I'm just glad my cycles are somewhat normal. I had a 34 day cycle which is pretty darn awesome for me! Before I had Collin & before I was on fertility meds my cycles would be like 60+ days. I'm really hoping they stay this way!

Collin seems to be feeling better. He's been in a great mood tonight! His voice is still pretty hoarse but other than that I think the worst of this infection/virus is behind us! He isn't a big fan of rice cereal so we've been giving him some w/applesauce & he loves it! He's had that for 4 nights now so tomorrow we are on to bananas! Woohoo!!


JennaDee said...

Glad AF found you!! (She found me today too!)

Aww poor little Collin. Mason was the same way about rice cereal. We too mixed with apple sauce.

Steph O. said...

Isn't it silly how happy "normal" Cs make us? I've heard many times of pg regulating the hormone system, so I hope you're one of those cases!

I'm glad he's better. I really hate to see little kids be sick, it's just no fair. Have fun with 'naners, good stuff. :)

Robin said...

Gee, it's CD1 for me, too. I'm not happy! Glad you are :)