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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Random bullettness

Must do bullets for all the updating I have! Sorry so late!
  • Christmas is only 10 days away! I can hardly believe that. This is the first I have actually looked forward to Christmas in years. It's always been a sad day. Sad w/IF and will all the missing family members. It's still a sad day because I miss the old Christmases w/my family and my dad being here but this year we will have some joy w/Collin. Now I just need to get my shopping done! Ack!
  • My house has been full of sicko's lately. Collin had it, then DH, then me, then Collin and now I have a stomach ache. I hope it's not coming back around!
  • AF finally showed up on my door step. I'm on CD 14. I started charting on FF. com. NO I'm not TTC or anything but I'm charting to see how my cycles are. Still got my fingers crossed for some normal cycles. I didn't have cramps w/AF this time so I'm hoping doesn't change =)
  • My friend that has MTHF that I spoke of a while ago has seen an RE and is going to be taking Lexapro? I think is what it's called anyway and progesterone if/when she is pregnant. She took femara & hcg this cycle so hopefully this works out for her. She's had 4 miscarriages- 3 w/in the last 6mo or so. Please keep her in your thoughts.
  • DH and I seem to be at each others throats lately. I know it's due to lack of sleep and the fact that we haven't had more than 2hrs alone together since Collin was born is starting to wear on us. We plan to take a day in January to do some shopping just the 2 of us. My mom is going to watch him. I'm excited... I love Collin more than anything in this world but it's time for DH & I to spend some time alone.
  • Collin is growing like a weed! At his 4mo checkup he weighed almost 15lb! He's getting so interested in toys and even rolled over the other day! He amazes me everyday with the new things he does. He started making farting noises and blowing bubbles. It's so funny!
  • I know I have a bajillion things I need to say but I'm out of time for tonight... Criminal Minds is on in 10 min. Can't miss it!
  • I hope you all are well and as always I'm praying for you girls. May you all have a blessed Christmas and I truely hope you all get what you want this year!


Steph O. said...

I'm glad you're doing well. :)

You & DH definitely still need alone time together. It doesn't mean that you don't love Collin; it means that you love him enough to keep your marriage strong. :)

I hope this year is all the happiness you've been missing!

^J^ said...

Glad to hear Collin is healthy and y'all are getting better.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

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- Daniel