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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Would you want to know?

I've been thinking about the drama that is going down on Nancy's blog. There is some anon putting some seriously mean stuff about her on her blog. Sounds like the person knows her personally. If it were you would you want to know who it was that felt that way about you or would you rather be kept in the dark about it?


elephantscanremember said...

It's sad and ugly what's going on over there. Poor Nancy.

Tanya said...

It is sad and ugly. I don't think anyone deserves that on their blog. It isn't to invite disagreement unless you ask for opinions...blogging is mostly just about journalizing your own feelings. Who incredibly sad, if that is who she has in her life, no wonder she's been through so much!

nancy said...

You know my opinion, I'd want to know. I don't need those cancerous people in my life!

Steph O. said...

I'd want to know for 2 reasons-

1.I'd obsess about who it was until I knew.

2.I'd want them as out of my life as possible!

You know the old saying "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything"? If someone can't be supportive, they can just shutup, they don't have to be spiteful & mean.

Sarah said...

I agree with Step..if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything!!!!

I would want to know. I just don't understand why some people are so mean...we need to support each other.

Allison said...

Dude. Wow.

This is why I have the approving-thing enabled on my comments. I haven't been the recipient of anything nasty, but if it does happen, that $hit will not be given space on my blog.

That being said, yes, I'd want to know so I could confront the person and get some closure (i.e., "you're stupid. Good-bye"). If it's an IRL "friend," that would be the end of that so-called friendship.

If it's someone I don't know IRL who thinks they're an authority on me b/c of my BLOG... well, they can go fuck themselves. LOL

Allison said...

I should have qualified my first paragraph about not allowing negative $hit on my blog (unless I wrote it, of course).

Some people approach a blog as a conversation and allow everything so that all voices are heard and nobody is censored. That's totally cool. I enjoy reading those.

But mine's a dictatorship. It's how I roll. LOL

Anonymous said...

I would want to know. I think Nancy is a bit of a drama queen though. I haven't followed her blog in a while because it annoys me so much, but I wouldn't go over there and be mean. That is just uncalled for.

Morgan Owens said...

^ Did that person just put that? ^

Goodness, what has the world came to?
There is no doubt this person knows her.

I, personally, would want to know so they can be erased from my life. Who the heck needs people like that?

I think the only drama queens are the anonymous ones.

Anonymous said...

You know what Morgan? I know people who have had to delete THEIR blog for not agreeing with Nancy because of the back lash. That is the ONLY reason I am staying annon.

I no longer visit her blog, nor do I leave comments for her. I am not the same as the person on Nancy's blog. So you can judge me how ever you want, I was just leaving honest feedback and opinions, not looking for drama.

Morgan Owens said...

Out of respect for Jayme, I wont say anything else.

Robin said...

I don't understand why people who are so offended or annoyed by what someone says on a blog doesn't just un follow and be done. What a mess.

~Issy said...

Yikes. I just read some of what you mentioned, Jayme...I gotta agree with Nancy: NO ONE needs those kind of cancerous people in their lives.

I always have a love/hate with blogs. While i know that what is written is public, i don't understand mean/hurtful comments. Maybe it's easier to hide behind a name no one knows? Either way, it's an ugly way to be.