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Thursday, September 30, 2010


I just had a follow up appt to my 6 week postpartum appt. Long story short my episiotomy wasn't healing right but looks to be doing better now so all is good in the down stairs department =). Anywho... my OBGYN gave me a script for birth control and said he'd see me in year. Weird... first off I'm not 100% sure going to take the BCP's I figure what's the point and IF (BIG IF) I would get pregnant that wouldn't be such a bad thing! Second... A YEAR?? I'm so used to having doctor appt after doctor appt... what will I do w/all this free time? LOL. I just can't believe this journey is over. I'm so blessed and I will never forget how lucky I truly am.

Collin has his 2mo checkup tomorrow... he gets his shots. Ugh... I'm probably going to cry more than he does. He's growing so fast... he smiles, coo's, plays w/his hands... he amazes me every day! Can't wait to see how much the porker weighs now!


Morgan Owens said...

Glad all is well with the hoo haa. :) after mason I had a
REALLY hard time healing, but I ripped..eek!! Just talking about it makes me hurt! LOL!!

Glad Collin is doing great, my goodness he is ADORABLE!! :) can't wait to hear his 2 month stats! :)

Robin said...

That is hilarious! Free for a year....

And, IMHO, screw birth control pills!