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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pics & update

He likes the bumbo seat!!
"Worth the Wait" outfit from Izzy!

Hi girls!! How is everyone doing?? Good I hope! We are doing well. Collin has slept through the night twice but usually gets up once in the night to eat. He's 7 weeks old today! Time is going by so fast. He's still doing good on the soy & zantac. Seems to have helped so much. Of course he has fussy times but what baby doesn't? He sleeps great at night but maybe sleeps a total of 1hr during the day. By bed time he's out!! He's been sleeping for about 1 1/2 hrs this morning which is awesome!! I go back to work on Oct 4th. Not looking forward to it! My mom is taking that week off to watch him. He will start daycare on Oct 11th. It's going to be so hard leaving him... just thinking about it gets my stomach in knots. Hope you liked the pictures!


Morgan Owens said...

He is so adorable Jayme! We always love pictures! Mason loved his bumbo and boppy pillow too! :)

Steph O. said...

He's adorable! I love that shirt too.

Ugh, I hope you do well going back to work.

Jen said...

Love the pictures, thanks for the update!

M said...

What a cute and I LOVE the shirt!