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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Picture time!

It may have taken me a week but here are some pics of Collin! Sorry it took me so long! We are doing well. Trying to get nursing off to a good start but he's wanting to sleep through feedings. Kind of stressful but I'm working on it! He's also wanting to be held when he sleeps so we're having trouble sleeping in the crib and working on that as well! Other than that doing great! Planning on taking a visit to my MIL's tomorrow for a wee bit to get out of the house. We'll see if I make it there!

Tummy Time!
Before we left the hospital. In his own cloths & car seat.

Right after he was born!!


Jen said...

Oh Jayme, he is so adorably cute!! I bet you are just so so happy!!

Thanks for sharing a few pictures with us, can't wait to see more!

Sarah said...

He is adorable! Can't wait to see more.

^J^ said...

He is so cute and HANSOM too!!! Thanks for the pics!

JennaDee said...

He is too cute!!!!

The Captain's Wife said...

Jayme! This is Mrs Captain from Wed MD back in 2008. Congrats on the birth of your son, he is precious and worth ever minute you had to wait I am sure! Enjoy every moment with him, he will grow so fast..

Elizabeth said...

Aww Jayme! He's too precious- congrats again :-)

Robin said...

Hang in there Jayme... It will take time to get into a routine. You are doing great! He is gorgeous.