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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Collin's 3 weeks!

Tomorrow anyway but DH is tending to Collin's needs so I have a minute to write a little update on my main man. I've switched him to Soy Formula. Please don't yell at me girls. I'm still pumping & freezing in case the Soy doesn't fix the problem. Doctor has also put him on Zan.tac for possible GE.RD. I've been giving him gas drops as needed & gripe water every 4 hours. Today hasn't been so bad but the last few nights have been awful. I feel so bad for him. I just cry because there is nothing I can do to help him. I'm sorry if I've been writing poor me pity party stuff... that isn't my intention. I just need advice is all. I hope I'm doing the right things. I know BM is best but I have to try the soy and see if it helps. MIL bought 2 cans and brought it over tonight. Said to let her know when we're out and she'll get more. How sweet. Formula is expensive! Collin is starting to like bath time! He was so content during bath time tonight. After we went on a walk & just got back. In face he's been pretty cry free this evening until now. I hear him in the living room w/DH! It's only 7:40... hopefully he continues to do well! We'll I better get going... I'll leave you w/a picture! Diapie change! He's not a fan!


Jen said...

Hope you get things all figured out. I'm sure in time you will. I have faith in you.

Cute picture!

Anonymous said...

Zantac helped my son within a few days. You could try breastmilk again and see if the Zantac is working in the next day or two.

Julie said...

I'm sure your doing great Jayme. Afterall, your just trying to help your little man feel better and still get the food he needs. I hope that you find something that completely gets rid of his colic.

^J^ said...

I hope things start coming together for you. I'm sure they will. I know you're doing a great job! He's so hansom!


E said...

I hope you see an improvement in him soon. I also saved all my breastmilk and plan on trying to reintroduce it at 6 months. Hopefully his tummy will be able to better handle it.

Robin said...

I hope people haven't been leaving too judgemental of comments (myself included!). Mainly what it comes down to is doing whats right for your baby and you are the only one who knows that!

It's so hard being a mom, isn't it? The scope of emotions is just so hard sometimes!

Steph O. said...

I hope his tummy is better soon! I was a colicky baby & mom says it's one of the hardest baby issues to go through.

Ummm, dumb question- Is there a good chiropractor around there? Birth is a lot harder on the baby's spine than people realize & it might help. You might also want to try some back massage on him when he's calm (after bath maybe?). Just suggestions, I know you're a great mom.

He's a cutie!