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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

39 week appt update!

Completely effaced but still only dilated to a 2-3. Apparently this is common for first time moms. Doc says things are going perfectly. I go back Monday morning and will most likely be induced at midnight if I haven't gone into labor yet. Doc says I very well won't make it till Monday anyway. I never thought I'd want to be induced... I wanted it to happen naturally but I've completely changed my mind. I'm just so worried that something will go wrong at the last minute that I'm thinking there is no way I want to go past my due date. After that day he's ready for sure so lets just get him out before anything can happen. Maybe that's stupid but I just think of all the bad things that could go wrong like the cord getting around his neck or something and it freaks me out. So anywho... any day for sure now! Wish me luck ladies. This could be the last update you get from me until the big announcement! =) Love you girls and praying for you everyday!

~Thank you for all the condolences about my aunts passing. We got back some of the autopsy results.... they think it was dehydration from her being sick that week and vomiting. The dehydration caused her heart to get off beat which then caused edema in the lungs. Crazy.


elephantscanremember said...

(hugs) We are excited to hear about your little guy!

Sarah said...

Praying for a safe delivery and healthy baby and mommy! I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about him!!!

ssbean said...

Yep can be anytime now. A friend of mine was wanting a VBAC really bad, but was on her way to 41wks. She had been 1cm for several weeks. A friend of hers said that her midwife told her of a couple herbs to try, they call it baby rocket fuel. It only works if you are already dialated. You take 2 drops of Black Cohosh and 2 drops of Blue Cohosh every 2 to 3 hours. For both of them it worked like a charm and they never needed to take a 2nd dose 2-3hrs later. They both delivered very healthy babies. Also you can see if you doctor can strip your membranes. That may start labor up for you. But being completely effaced is a great thing and you may not even make it to your Monday appointment. But if you do, maybe try the herbs.

Robin said...

Good luck Jayme! We are all so excited and waiting for your news... :)