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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Need advice!

Blood work today confirmed my friends m/c. She has an appt tomorrow w/her doctor so hopefully they will come up w/a new plan for next time. Right now all they are making her take is baby aspirin and folic acid. Is that enough? For those of you w/MTHFR isn't there anything else her doc can do? She really needs to see an RE instead of the shitty OBGYN's we have here in town. I want to tell her that but I don't know if I should or how to say it. I feel so stuck right now. I feel horrible for her and I want to do something but what? What do I say? I mean here I am ready to have my baby any day and she just lost hers. I wouldn't blame her one bit if she didn't want anything to do w/me right now and I wont be upset if she doesn't come around me or the baby. What would you girls do?


Allison said...

I think... I would send her flowers and a note that says something like "I'm here for you, in whatever form that means."

And after she's ready to start trying again, I think she definitely needs to see someone about making sure the baby aspirin and folic acid are really enough.

Super (((((hugs))))) to her.

Misty Dawn said...

Folic acid, prenates and baby aspirin is enough for MTHFR, but she really needs a full work up of tests. I'd talk to her and explain your IF to her and see if she would be willing to go to the RE.

M said...

A girl I know has a clotting disorder and after FOUR m/c she finally went to a perinatologist to follow her pregnancy. She ended up having to give herself Lovenox (similar to heparin) shots daily until a week before delivery.

Robin said...

My friend who had MTHFR had a successful pregnancy after three m/c by taking progestrone through week 20, baby aspirin all through trying and up through about week 12, and then she was on heparin injections for the rest of the pregnancy.

Robin said...

Shouldn't your friend be consulting wtih a "high-risk" pregnancy doctor also?

E said...

SHe needs more testing!! there are so many different forms of MTHFR. It is so sad that doctors wait this long. A relative in my family by marriage has a sister that just had a stillbirth because of a clot in the cord!!!!!!!!! She should undergo more testing to make sure she doesn't need Lovenox or whatever.

Be very sincere to her and just let her know how much you care and how upset you are for her. My family tried to "make me feel better" by acting like it wasn't a big deal and it really drove me away.