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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

37 week appt update

I had my 37 week OB appt today. Disappointing to say the least. My doc ended up getting called out in the middle of our appt so I didn't get to ask half the stuff I wanted to. I can't be mad at him though... he was needed at the hospital and that will be me in a few weeks doing it to someone else. I just hate that their so busy there... def not the same kind of treatment I got at my RE's office. I miss them like crazy. My OB still didn't check for dilation but should at next week's appt. He said Collin is in the process of dropping but hasn't completed his journey yet. Which means the groin pain can only get worse. Ack. I've slept in the recliner w/a heating pad on for the past 2 nights. I shouldn't complain, and I'm trying not to but it really is painful. When I walk it's just shooting pain in the hooha. Collin needs to stay put for at least 2 more weeks so as long as he's good and healthy I will be fine! Doc says he probably weighs about 6lb right now. Seems to be right on track! They didn't say anything about my Strep B results so I'm guessing that came back negative. That was one of the things I planned to ask him about.... oh well next week hopefully I will be able to nail him w/all the questions I can think of!


M said...

Aww, too bad he got called out!

Enjoy these last days of pregnancy and get some SLEEP!!! I hope you can stay semi comfortable even with the groin pressure/pain.

I can't believe your pregnancy is almost done. He could be here any day! A was born at 37w1d ;)

Robin said...

Shooting pains? You might be dilating!

Good luck... and don't forget to post when things start happening (at least on F/B) ;)

ssbean said...

Isn't the recliner the best at the end of pregnancy. Sounds like Collin could grace you with his presence at any time now, but like you said a couple more weeks would be great. Get as much rest as you can.

Misty Dawn said...

Yeah that blows! I hate OB/GYNs, in fact I'm going to do my post today on how much I hate my GYN. LOL