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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baby Shower

~Pics to come~

Collin made out like a bandit at the shower! Tons of cute cloths, bibs, socks, diapers, you name it, he got it! There were some big ticket items we didn't receive but DH and I plan to get those over the next few weeks (swing, glider, monitor, yada yada). We went to Wal.Mar.t last night and used up all our gift cards & money to get the things off our registry that we didn't receive but would need when he arrives. I'm off today and plan to go to Ko.hl.s and use my $50 worth of gift cards there and get some blankets and maybe some more sleepers. My MIL is taking me shopping here in a few weeks for some more cloths for him at the Car.te.r's store & I'm really looking forward to that!

The shower was great. My friends/family did a great job w/everything. The decorations were so cute! I had a good turn out of people that showed up. I was really nervous at first and just felt really uncomfortable being the center of attention but I got used to it and now I'm kind of sad that it's over. Sunday night I thought I was just going to fall asleep standing up... the shower was over at 4, cleaned everything up and got home around 5. The DH surprised me w/Mexican take out. MMMM.. he's not so bad =)

Hope you ladies are doing well as always! We are so due for some good news... who's it gonna be!!?? It's time!


M said...

I agree!!! I would love to see one of our original WebMD 12+ mos members get some WONDERFUL news!!! (and the later joiners too of course...;) )

Glad to hear the shower went well. Isn't it CRAZY how much stuff you get when you have your first baby. I remember coming home from my church shower and our entire kitchen table (a 6 seater) was COVERED in gift bags. It's overwhelming but enjoy it!!

Misty Dawn said...

Congrats on the shower!!! Sorry you can't do the WL challenge right now. LOL Don't think your OB would like that much.

AJ48 said...

Awwwh. glad to hear that your shower went well!! I agree...Its time for some good news!!! Keeping my fingers crossed.

Robin said...

Me me! I want it to be my turn!

(sigh) :P

I'm glad you had an awesome shower. I know what you mean about it being weird to be the center of attention. I'm glad you guys were hooked up! Now comes all of the laundry.... ;) I remember having a huge pile of tags to throw away, too.

ssbean said...

I'm glad you got so much stuff from your showers. I was so shocked at how much I got. I too hated being the center of attention, but I never got "used" to it. Thanks for the shout out for my BFP.

Christina said...

Glad you had a great shower!

I would like to see one of the TTC 12+ month girls get a BFP real soon too.

^J^ said...

YAY! Glad you had a rockin' good shower. And, it sounds like Collin cleaned up on all the loot!!

Agreed - We need some good news, too bad it's not gonna be me. :(

MrsCB said...


Sorry to take over your blog, but you asked for it... This is Christina from the WebMD 12 mo board. I got my BFP on June 24th at 10DPO!! Two BPT confirmed it and the first u/s is on the 8th. My last pg resulted in a m/c so I'm hestitantly excited. It would be 5 years TTC in August, so it's about damn time!!!! :)

Nicki said...

Just wanted to say that I am SUPER happy for you. I am a long time lurker..years ago..I lurked on the WebMD 12+mos, but never offically joined. I then was able to get prego w/my first daughter, but always followed alot of you ladies, praying that you would get your BFP.

We are now only a week apart (I am pg w/second DD) and so glad you are about to be a Mommy!! Just wanted to say Hi and Congrats!!!