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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Prayers for friends

Crazy to think that when I was going through my IF treatments I didn't have a IRL friend that I could talk to about my feelings and what was going on w/my screwed up body. Now I know so many people going through IF and I hate it. It just isn't fair for this to happen to any of us.

My "fertile friend" that I have talked about many times has been diagnosed w/MTHFR. She had a miscarriage many years ago before she was TTC at about 11 weeks. A few years later she decided she was ready to become a mom (right when I started TTC) and got PG on her first try and now has a happy, healthy 2 year old daughter. She started TTC for #2 around Jan and has since had 2 m/c. All of the times I was so mad at her for trowing it in my face how fertile she was I feel so bad about it now. It just shows that you never know... your 1st might come easy but you might not have it so easy the next time. I do hope the meds her doc is putting her on will help and she will be able to have #2 in the future.

One of my good friends from work whom I used to be best friends w/back in HS is having her first HSG tomorrow and her first IUI on Saturday. I'm so excited for her and her hub. She's very nervous right now and I just hope it works for her. Thinking back at all my failed IUI's and just how much it breaks you just makes me want to cry for her. I hate that she is having to deal with this.

I hope all of you are well... we are due for some good news around here for sure. It's been too long! I'm doing well. My UTI is cleared up thank god. Been having back aches and a pain down my right leg which I'm told is most likely the baby laying on a nerve. Little turd!

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