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Monday, May 31, 2010

Go Celine!

Celine Dion is expecting twins via IVF! She is like my favorite singer ever and I am sooooo happy for her! I love reading stuff like this in the news because I think it really makes people open up to IVF and the fact that IF can touch anyone.


elephantscanremember said...

She has been through a lot with IF. I hope she has a very uneventful pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

I have lurked and kept up with your story and I'am very, very happy for you. I feel I have to semi come out of lurking to say this though. I agree she is bringing IVF to the light but in my opinion not in a good way. Her husband is 68, 68! She is in her early 40's. From my experience these are the reasons a lot of people are against fertility treatments. The quality of her eggs are not desirable at her age, that is a known thing, and the risks of complications are GREATLY increased add to it the quality of his 68 year old sperm! On top of that he most likely will not live to see these children reach 18. Sure people can argue that we never know how long we have to go and a young father could possibly die tomorrow. This is true but a young father dying before his children are adults is a rare possibility, a 68 year old father dying before his children are adults is an almost guarantee. This to me is just as bad as octomom. I for the most part don't have anything against fertility treatments, but this is not helping.

^J^ said...

YAY Celine! Love her music, as well...and now she's going to have twins! BONUS!!