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Sunday, May 16, 2010


Wow I feel such a sense of accomplishment this weekend! I had to work yesterday, which sucked! Our computer system was down 1/2 the morning & on a weekend... customers were not happy that we couldn't give them balances! Oh well I enjoy a good bitching on occasion =) Anywho... so after work I got my house clean, did some laundry and even got a nap in before going out to dinner w/the hubby. After that we came home and played Fun game if you've never played. Your supposed to have at least 4 players but DH and I play together just for fun. Today we slept in until about 9 then went to Ko.hls to get me another pair of maternity jeans. Yeah, they have NO JEANS! Not one pair. Just shorts & capris. I don't wear either because I hate my legs. So it looks like I'm stuck w/the one pair that I actually like until we can get out of town in the next few weeks. After Ko.hls we went to Wal.Ma.rt and did some grocery shopping & officially completed our Baby Registry! I'm go glad! I feel so much better knowing that I have everything on there that I need and if I don't get it at the shower I can just go down my list and get it myself. DH pretty much finished the nursery this weekend as well. All we have left to do is get the shelving for the closet. I really want to get the closet organizer thinger that has shelves & bars to hang stuff up. I think it will help keep stuff organized and give us more space as his closet is pretty small.

I'm feeling pretty good most of the time. My sciatica has been a lot better this weekend but I now got this aching groin pain. The OB nurse said it's just because he is so low and it will most likely keep getting worse. As soon as I get off here I'm hooking myself up w/the heating pad & watching a movie! I passed my glucose test! Thank heavens. Also I wanted to say thank you so very much ladies for the BF advice! I signed up for a BF class at the hospital so I'm really looking forward to that. I registered for the Playtex drop in bottles. I've heard the best stuff about them so hopefully he'll like them!

About his name... as of right now it is COLLIN! It could change but that has been what we've been calling him for about a month now so I'm pretty sure that's what we are sticking with. We need to finalize it though so I can order the wooden letters for his room!

Hope all is well for you wonderful ladies! Summer is almost here & the flowers are a`blooming! There's something about it that always puts me in a good mood.


mk said...

I just can't get over the fact that your 27 weeks already!! It's feels like just yesterday you got your BFP! I love the name Collin by the way, do you have a middle name?

mk said...

Oh and if your looking for letters, has some great options! Just go to the site and use the search tool to find em!

Jen said...

Holy Cow I can not believe that your ticker says 86 days left to go. I'm excited, no idea how you must be feeling!

^J^ said...

You better post pics of his nursery...I live vicariously through you(and the rest of the girls)!! Cannot believe how far along you already are!! Little Collin will be here before too long...Cute name btw.

AJ48 said...

If your feeling crafty and know the colors of the baby room, I suggest going to ACMoore (or a craft store) and buying the plain wood letters then find color matching paint at a Home Depot (I brought a blanket to match the colors). I did this and the letters came out really good! They match her room perfectly!!

Baby will be here soon!! So happy for you!

Steph O. said...

I'm glad you're both doing so well! I hate when computers go down, I'm not the type to yell at the people though.

I like the name! Can you show us pics of the nursery soon? :)