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Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Randoms

Hi ladies! Sorry I've been so MIA lately. I've been so blah and tired lately. I've been sleeping like crap. No way is comfortable. I'm going to do some bullets because I have misc stuff to say both pregnancy & non pregnancy related!
  • I think my little boy is the cutest baby ever. I haven't even seen his real face yet but by looking at the u/s pics, yep he's the cutest.
  • Like I said... been sleeping like shit. I've tried both of my sides & got a body pillow to cuddle w/and it's not working! The only way that is comfortable is my back & you're not supposed to sleep on your back because it can press on some main artery to your heart. Not good. So basically I just toss and turn until my body finally gives out and just passes out. LOL. Not complaining though... totally love it =)
  • The nursery is coming along great. Walls are painted, furniture is together, bedding is on (not washed yet of course). Just have to put some shelving in the closets & get the window treatments up. EEK. The walls are a light green & the bedding is light blue w/frogs. Too cute. I love frogs. My MIL says his first word is going to be "ribbit."
  • Work has been going "okay." We had a meeting tonight and are making some changes so I'm HOPING that everyones attitudes get a little better. I'm hoping to find something different once the baby comes.. I'd love to be able to work 3-4 days a week and still get ins. which I know is pretty much impossible but our hospital works that way so I'm hoping to get on there somehow. Wishful thinking. I'm just having a hard time w/leaving him... he's not even born yet & I can tell you that it's going to be so hard to hand him over to some stranger at day care. Just the thought makes me want to cry. Ugh.
  • Tomorrow is DH's b-day & mine is Saturday. We aren't doing anything... hopefully do some relaxing but I'm sure something will come up. DH wants to get a bicycle for his b-day. One of those old man beach cruiser types. What a dork. I'm putting my b-day money towards a Glider & Ottoman. Now, who's the adult here? hehe
  • I have a surprise bridal shower for my friend on Sunday. I'm the matron of honor! I'm going to be huge at her wedding! I ordered my dress 6 sizes too big but I think I'm going to be swimming in it. My belly is getting pretty big but not as big as I thought I'd be at 6 months.
  • Speaking of showers... I pretty much have no one planning a baby shower for me. My mom & MIL will most likely be doing the whole thing. My friend (the one getting married) asked me the other day if my mom was doing it and I was just like "ummm I guess. Whoever wants to." Sorry but I think she should be doing it. I did her baby shower & now her wedding shower. She barely did anything for my wedding shower. It kind of makes me feel like crap knowing that the only people that want to plan a shower for me is my mom & MIL. I know my friends will help them but I just feel bad that my mom & MIL have to basically make it happen. They shouldn't have to do that.
  • Well I think I'm off to bed. Hope this post made some kind of sense. I think I'm delirious from lack of sleep.


^J^ said...

Awe hon I'm sorry, I wish I lived closer I would throw you an awesome shower. Your friend needs to step up.

The nursery seems to be coming together. I love the frog motif for a little boys room - so cute! I hope you can start getting some better sleep soon. Take care!

E said...

Yeah, your friend should be throwing you the shower!!!!

The nursery sounds cute. Ours is sage green too.

Misty Dawn said...

Yeah, I never understood how some friends don't get that they should be doing it, not your mom. Heck, nobody even threw us a wedding shower when DH and I got married! I almost planned one myself, but thought that would be rude. I'm terrified when I do get PG that nobody will throw me a baby shower. My mom is not that type of person and my MIL can't afford it. Can't wait to see pics of the nursery!

Allison said...

I would totally throw you a shower!!! 'course, the theme might be something like "THEY DID IT, UP YOURS, IF!" but it would be hella fun.

We'd have games such as:
*Pin (or jab) the syringe on the RE
*Cyst bingo
*Name that hormone (based on the havoc it causes...)

~*JaYmE*~ said...

OMG laughing my ass of Allison! Thanks girls... I wish we all lived closer. We would have so much fun!

^J^ said...

ROFL Allison!! That is so funny and true.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jayme,

Hope you can start getting some sleep soon, but I have a feeling it is only going to get worse as your belly begins to grow. Speaking of growing belly, any new belly pics coming soon?
PS...I am a lurker of your blog for over a year give me hope that IVF will work for my husband and I this summer when we try IVF. After 4 years of trying it gives me hope to know IVF worked for you and that you never "gave up".

Robin said...

Your friend totally needs to step up! Let me guess, you'll end up doing her bachelorette party, too? Argh.

The bedding and nursery sound cute. Pictures?

Have you liked the results of your name poll?

ssbean said...

I remember how hard it was to sleep. When I'm not pregnant I LOVE to sleep on my side, but when I was pregnant I couldn't sleep on my side, and was most comfy on my back. I tried sleeping on the couch, but it didn't work too well. What did work, and was obviously ok, was slept in a recliner, for the last part of 2nd tri and 3rd tri.
About your shower, you're friend should totally throw you a shower, afterall you threw her 2 showers. If we could I'm sure all of us here would throw you an amazing shower, you so deserve a huge blow out. Maybe you should bail out on the wedding shower, lol, just say you aren't feeling well and don't show up.
Can't wait to see nursery pics.
Allison, so funny.