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Saturday, February 20, 2010


Hi girls! Thanks for your input on the last post. I'm sure it is just RLP and it's getting a lot better. I still feel it sometimes but nothing like I did Thursday morning. I looked it up online and it said it was most common on the right hand side as mine was on the left... I figure that's still what it is but I'm anxiously awaiting my appt on March 2nd so I can hear the heartbeat and then I'll feel much better. I'm feeling really good other than the RLP but meat is getting to me lately. I literally can't eat it. I take a bite and spit it back out. I never was much of a meat eater but right now the thought is just nauseating. I'm using my belly band for the first time today... so far so good. It's kind of a pain when you have to use the bathroom though. My jeans are just getting a bit too snug. I can wear them and button them but it's suffocating!

I went to a craft show today w/my mom & one of her friends. I had a good time but the show sucked. However I did find this really cute blanket for the baby that has ribbons all around it for the texture. It has rabbits on a big fluffy cloud all over it. Too cute, I couldn't pass it up!

Mom's house is officially on the market w/a realtor. She had an open house today and it did really well. She had a bunch of people look at it and quite a few are really interested in it. I'm happy that she is getting rid of it. Jake & I really wanted to buy it but the more I think about it... I'm "okay" w/her selling it. I think it just needs to be gone and I never have to go back. It's just too hard to be there w/out my dad and all the old stuff in it. Just hard to make this change but I think it will help us all move on in the long run.

We are hoping to remodel our bathroom w/in the next few months! It's something we've been wanting to do for awhile but never got around to doing because all of our extra money was going towards IF treatments. We plan to do it if we get a decent amount back on our taxes (fingers crossed). Our tub is the original tub when they house was build in the 70's and its old and shitty. There was a gold (ugh) shower door on it when we moved in and it had to go!! We took it off but still have the track on it. It just collects shit and I step on it all the time getting out of the shower and there is no way I'm bending over that to bathe the baby! It will be so much better when it's done. I can't wait!!

Well I think that's all I've got for now... I hope everyone is doing good!! Love you girls!


Morgan Owens said...

I'm glad to hear everything is going good in your world!! Can't wait to hear how the U/S goes March 2nd! Keep us updated! :)

~Issy said...

Jayme, it's been a while since i've checked in....and what a wonderful surprise to check in and see that you're PREGNANT!!!


I'm so happy for you and your husband! I can't wait till the planning on the baby room starts! :)

Much love!

Anonymous said...

Perfect!Great! This helped a bunch! I've seen several
rather confusing blogs lately, this cleared up a lot confusion I had.

Steph O. said...

I hope you feel better soon.

Have fun redoing the bathroom! Woohoo! I love a good house project. :)

^J^ said...

Jayme, you're great! Love ya too! Your posts always have a way of cheering me up! Thank you!

I hope the pain goes away and/or is nothing serious.

Have fun remodeling the bathroom. I love doing that kinda work, it's so much fun!

higretchen said...

Hi Jayme! I was just checking in to see your progress - it's really nice to see you with a belly! I agree on the ligament pain - I had it a little bit but ANY pain down there will freak you out. Sounds like everything is going well though! Sorry you're getting sick - hopefully it'll pass soon - that's the worst! Also - I'm not sure if you've solved your day care dilemma.... I do daycare for my twins. It's awful but only because I hate leaving them and it's a transition for them. But, I know they are well cared for, meeting other babies which is good, and building their immune systems.... Honestly, no matter what you end up going with, it will work out fine and will be the right decision because you thoughtfully made it. You are going to be a fantastic mom!
- Gretchen (bbfisher, webmd)

Anonymous said...

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