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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Spotting update

Hi girls! First I want to say that you so much for calming me down yesterday! I did go ahead and call the office and talked to the RE on call and she assured me that spotting was normal and what I was experiencing probably wasn't anything to worry about. The nurse also called this morning to check in w/me. I haven't really had any more spotting since yesterday around 3 so I think I'm going to be fine. The spotting I did have yesterday was more of a light brown discharge type stuff. I'm still freaked out about it and am taking it really easy. I have an u/s on Tuesday so I'm anxious for that to get here so I can be assured that my baby is doing just fine. Thanks so much girls & I hope you all had a nice Christmas!!


Morgan said...

I knew everything was normal and ok! :) Girl, I'm just telling have 9 more months of worrying ahead of you so get used to it! LOL! :)

E said...

Glad to hear it.

If it was anything to worry about then I think it would have just progressed to red blood like mine did.

Hang in there. Tuesday isn't too far away!

Robin said...

Great news. Thanks for the update :)

Hope you had a good Christmas!

nancy said...

Good. Glad you have been reassured.

Misty Dawn said...

I started spotting on Thurs after FD with DH. When I layed down for a nap it pooled and a bright red gush came out. :( I am hoping everything is ok, I'll find out Moday. I too have been taking it easy. (((HUGS)))

Jen said...

I'm glad everything is ok.

Hope you guys had a great Christmas!