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Monday, December 7, 2009

So... I heard

That's pretty much ALL I've heard today... "So... I heard the good news." You tell one person something & the whole friggin world finds out! Everyone at work knows, which was inevitable as they knew I just did IVF, apparent my mom told my aunt which told her kids and now I'm sure the whole family knows. I really hope everything goes okay... I'm so scared. I took another digital last night partly for fun and partly because I just wanted to be sure. I do not have to do a repeat BETA. The RE said there was no need to. I kinda wish I did just to make sure the numbers were going up. I just hate sitting here for 2 weeks waiting and not really knowing how things are going.


Robin said...

It's normal to feel worried.. Just try and relax and enjoy it.

You're pregnant!! :) :) :)

Tanya said...

(((((Calming Vibes))))) coming your way. Its only with all the IF history that so many negative thoughts enter our minds, like Robin said....just try and enjoy it.

Jen said...

Oh I really am so happy for you!!!

Take a deep breath and relax!

I don't know why but for some reason your blog disappeared from my side bar. I need to go and put it back.

ssbean said...

YAY!! MEGA CONGRATS!! It's been a few days since I've checked up on you. Being nervous is very normal. Enjoy being pregnant, and now I'll have more reason to come to blogger, so I can check on how you are doing. I'm so excited for you!!!!!

MrsCB said...

WTF - How did I miss this!! This is Christina from TTC 12+. Congrats!!!! I know you've been through a lot to get here and I'm so happy for you. HH9!!