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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today I am...#8

Today I am thankful for my morels. I just got home from work and Jake was telling me that the people that live behind us now have 2 puppies that were left out in the rain today. Its 45 degrees and raining today. He put a note on their door telling them they need to have proper shelter for their dogs or find a new home of them. This is absolute bullshit and I don't see how anyone could do that do an animal. Freaking pisses me off!

~Insurance Update~
Called the company am waiting on a call back regarding the $200 bucks. I'm not freaking paying I tell you!!

~IVF Update~
ER tomorrow. Feel like I could barf. Getting really freaking nervous! AHHHHHHHH My ass hurts from the HCG last night too.


elephantscanremember said...

I am sending you ~calming and soothing retrieval vibes~. God bless you tomorrow!

Bah on your neighbors! They do not deserve those little pups!

M said...

Awww, those poor puppies! I absolutely cannot STAND it when people don't care for their pets properly. I'm not saying everyone needs to let their dog on their bed or buy them countless bones/stuffed animals like we do ;) but at least care for their basic needs!!!

I'm so so so excited for your ER tomorrow. I'll pray for peace for you Jayme!!!

^J^ said...

~~~~~Calming vibes coming your way ~~~~~
I'll be praying for you hun. (((hugs)))

myhopefulheart said...

Good luck tomorrow! I'll be thinking about you.

Jen said...

Those poor little puppies. That makes me so mad, I don't understand how people can treat their animals that way.

Good luck tomorrow!!

Robin said...

Good luck today!! I'll be thinking of you and waiting for the full report!

Coco said...

Good Luck today Jayme!!!!

nancy said...

Good luck on your ER today!!!