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Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hi ladies! How was every one's Halloween? Do anything fun? Dress up? We just passed out candy, had our parents over & niece & nephews. It was a good time. I thought I was coming down w/the flu but I feel so much better today. Thank god. The last thing I need is to get sick right now. My RE's office wont let you come in if you're sick w/the flu... they will pretty much cancel your cycle because they don't want the other patients getting sick. Makes since. I'm going to get the flu shot Tuesday after my RE appt if my RE thinks I should get it. They wanted me to last year so I'm sure they will tell me to do it. Not sure how I feel about the H1N1 vaccine though... kind of scares me. I'll do whatever the RE tells me to though.

So ya... I have an RE appt Tuesday to check for cysts and what not before starting Stim's Saturday. That's right... this coming Saturday I will be starting stims!!! Ugh... I'm so anxious & excited yet trying to stay reserved. I went on The Stir Up Queens blog roll today just looking at IVF blogs trying to find someone that has had multiple IVF's fail and finally succeeded. I found nothing. No one in a similar situation as me. I know there are people out there like me but I'm so scared of this not working. This whole year has been nothing but one heartbreak after another & I just don't know how much more I can take. I'm praying for a miracle here. Please, please, please let this work!

I do plan on doing the vblog thing... I'm not sure how to do it so my DH is going to have to help me. I don't think our camera will take video for very long either... might have to borrow a video camera from my mom. Stay tuned... it may be a while before I can get it done though =)


^J^ said...

(((Hugs))) Jayme. I really hope this works for you and you don't have any more heartbreaks. Good luck girl!

elephantscanremember said...

I am cautiously optimistic for you, Jayme. You deserve that bfp so much. You're going to make a great mommy!

(We stayed home last night. He watched football.)

Robin said...

Good luck on Tuesday. Definitely keep us posted...

I want to do the video blog too. I'm not sure if I can figure it out though..

Allison said...

Halloween was good. DH and I went to a party and were Smurfs. It was a ton of fun!

Best of luck on the upcoming cycle, Jayme! Hope all goes well on Tuesday.

Years ago, there was a lady on the boards who was in your situation - I believe she had two failed IVFs, two (or three) failed FETs and did another IVF... the last one did the trick for her. She had a baby boy who's, heck, probably 4 years old now. There ARE others and there IS hope. I understand your caution, but I'll carry that hope for you. ((Hugs!))

Caitlin said...

Saturday?! Wow that came fast, didn't it? I'm so excited for you Jayme! :) I'm keepin my fingers crossed that there are no cysts and this cycle is THE ONE.

I'm going to post a "how to" on the whole video blog thing.

Jen said...

Good luck with the RE on Tuesday. Know that I will be thinking about you and hoping for the best. I'm not going to cross my fingers this time. (what if that has been jinxing you) So this time, you are getting all of my well wishes, hugs, and good thoughts minus the crossed fingers.

Keep us posted!