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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Vent & Do's & Don't's

Okay so I took my LAST (yes last forever if I have any say in it!) Provera pill tonight. AF should be here any day. I'm so freaking ready! I'm ready to start BCP's and get this show on the road! This has been the longest damn Summer and I'm ready for IVF #2. I'm so damn READY! I'm tired of TAB. I hate not doing anything TTC related. It's starting to drive me crazy. I feel all out of sorts being out of the "game" I just don't like it =)

I've been really flipping pissy at work (probably because of Provera/Devil pills). I'm tired of customers and the stupid things they do. They drive me nuts. All of them. I should be working in a cubical, alone. I have no business working w/the public. Due to my annoyance w/people lately I have prepared a list of Do's & Don't at the bank... please follow accordingly to avoid having your head ripped off by an angry, hormonal teller. Please & thank you.

1. Fill out your damn deposit slips. I am not your slave. This is not my job. Your checkbook comes w/deposit slips for a reason. Use them. If you are out we've provided a coupon booth w/a variety of slips for your use.

2. If you have 5 different transactions, have none of your slips filled out and do not know any of your account numbers do NOT use the drive-up. Come inside and save the people in line behind you some time from waiting on your lazy ass.

3. No, I will not print out the last 6 months of statements for you through the drive up.

4. No, I will not open/close your account at the drive-up.

5. No, I am not stealing your money. That is your signature on the check that overdrew your account. Not mine.

6. No, I will not sign the back of that check for your daughter that is away at college. Yes a customer really did ask me to do this.

7. Why do you all have to wait in the first line at the drive-up? There are tubes there for a reason. Don't line up 10 deep for the 1st line when no one is at the other windows and get pissy w/me because you've been in line for 5 min.

8. Get off your cell phone! I shouldn't have to wait for you to finish your conversation to ask you your freaking name because you have no deposit slip and stick cash in the drawer expecting me to read your mind on what you want done w/it!

9. We do not take loose change through the drive-up. Period. You have to come inside for this service. And by God do NOT stick loose change in the tubes. This is just stupid.

10. Most importantly.... take a shower before you go to the bank or anywhere for that matter. I do not want to smell your B.O. It's gross and unnecessary. You can buy a bar of soap at the dollar store for $1.

To be continued...


Morgan said...

HAHA you are too funny! I've never "seen" you this way! LOL! Hope you have a brighter week next week! :)

Steph O. said...

Oh, so THAT'S why the teller always gifts me the nasty look- I need to SHOWER first! LOL! ;)

OMG about someone asking you to take part in fraud. I've signed DH's name to the back of his check before if he forgets. It's sad, but no one cares.

Provera definitely SUCKS! I hope you won't need it again for a very long time!

To A T said...

LOL I'm happy to report I have never done any of these at a bank ;-) And unlike most people, I'm kind of anti- drive up window... I'd much rather walk inside to do my business than sit in my car... is that weird?

Hope this week goes better for you!

Julie said...

People can be so rude and inconsiderate. I hope that once you are off the provera you will be able to have more patience with the idiots of this world. Also, I hope you get only polite and prepared customers. ;)

^J^ said...

That is GREATNESS!!! Hahahaha....I'always say, stupid people shouldn't breed, talk, drive, whatever!

Tanya said...

ha ha... your bad days made me smile, isn't that awful! I'm sorry.. ((HUGS))

nancy said...

A few comments ..

1. You'll do this task for me? SWEET. (kidding)

2. When I see transactions going back and forth when waiting at drive thru, i want to ram the car in front of me.

3. Again, you'll DO this? awesome.

4. Yipee!! I've been way too easy on my drive thru girls!

5. Hrm. Never thought of accusing the teller of stealing. good idea.

okay, okay, i'm getting schnarky. I totally second all your tips!

Robin said...

You are so right about people wanting to be in the first lane closest to the windows. I don't get that either. They do that at my pharmacy, too.

I'm so glad you are done with Provera and can move on! Good luck with IVF Cycle #2!

elephantscanremember said...

I don't know how you deal with people.

((Gigantic HUGS))

I will keep your tips on the front of my brain.

Caitlin said...

LOL I love it! I need to make a list similar and post it up on my desk when listeners come in.

I'm so glad you are feeling better lately. Getting that itch to TTC again! Can't wait to have you back in the game, sista! :)

Christina said...

Sitting in a cubical alone can be pretty awesome when you're in a crappy mood. Trust me, I can just sit there all day with headphones on and let myself fume with anger!

I've never done any of those things before at the bank either. I'm an ATM only type of person, I don't enjoy any person-to-person contact at banks and I have a highly abnormal fear of going inside of banks and being robbed (same goes for gas stations).