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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hello strangers!

Hi girls!! How's everyone doin`? Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been really busy lately & preoccupied w/reading Twilight... ugh I never thought a vampire book could suck me in like this. I have one chapter left and just started it Wednesday night. It's such a good book. Really. Jake keeps making fun of me saying 12 year olds read those books but oh well.. I like it damnit!

I had my very first Double Blessings Candle party on Tuesday and it went very well. I did $600+ in sales in 2 hours! I hope it keeps coming! It's really making me happy, keeping me busy & keeping my mind occupied. I'm going to do a Fall special for you guys... I know its a pain to send me a check for your order so I've decided that if any of you want to order something this Fall I will personally pay to have the candle shipped to you. All you have to do is email me your order & mail me the check! I will explain more when the time comes but I'm hoping to be able to do something special like that for you girls because you of all people should have one of these candles in your home. They really do smell wonderful!

As I have said before my mom is selling her house. I had to go over there today and officially clean out my room. I went through everything... found lots of old memories. I don't know why but it really mad me sad looking at old pictures from high school & being little. Maybe its the innocents of those days that I miss more than anything. I threw most of my stuff away but did keep some old letters & pictures. I also brought home my old baby doll crib. I just hope to one day have a use for it. If not I guess I will have to give it away. Until then.. it will be in the shed collecting dust. Hopefully not for too terribly long! *wink*

I went to my friends baby shower yesterday. It wasn't so bad. It was a small shower so I guess that helped a little. As soon as she opening the presents I took off. I didn't want to spend any more time there than I had to. I actually won a game too! It's a game where they put a bunch of baby items in a pillow case & you have to guess what they are. HELLO I'm the only childless chick there & I win. Go figure. Ah well I won some Bath & Body Works body wash. Hehe. Love it.

As you all know AF made her appearance on my 4 year wedding anniversary. Bitch. Anywho I called the RE's office to let them know. I have to get b/w to check my progesterone in a few weeks. If no O I will start prover again. IVF #2 will begin around September 12th. ER & ET will be the week of Sept 20th. I had them push things back a few weeks due because a good friend of mine is getting Married Sept 12th. I didn't want to have to miss it because of my ER or ET. I will be on vacation the week of Sept 20th so things SHOULD work out wonderfully!

I'm a guest blogger on Jenny's blog tomorrow. Not sure exactly what I'm going to write about but... you'll have to check it out!

I think that's all I've got for tonight. Time to get back to my book!


Morgan said...

Hey Jayme!! Good to hear from you "again" lol!

I ~LOVE~ candles, so I will definately get some from you..I can't wait! :)

Although, I don't have checks anymore because we only use our debit/check card so will money orders work or something along those lines?

Coco said...

I resisted reading Twilight for so long. When I finally gave in I was seriously hooked. Just wait till you start the other three, they are just as bad!

Sarah said...

Glad your back!

read the Twilight books too- loved them. I will definately buy a candle or two!

Hope you have a great week =)

Dot said...

I am happy to see you are back to blogging !

I also would LOVE to order a few candles from you & support your new endeavor.


Jen said...

Hey there!

I was begining to wonder if you were going to blog again. I was missing you!

Twilight books sucked me in as well. I coudn't put the first one down! The second one was a little harder to get into. Now I'm onto smut books. Oh well, everyone needs some good smut now and then. :)

I'm so glad that you are liking your candle business! I hope as time goes on and really enjoy it. I would also love to see a catelog or something that shows what you have. I love candles in a huge way!!

Thank you so much for being a guest poster on my blog! I can't wait to read it later. Ii'm sure it is going to be great!

Robin said...

I'm SO glad the baby shower turned out to be not a big deal. I know you were stressing about it. Good idea to make an appearance and leave before presents..

I read the Twilight series also. New Mooon was so so for me, but I loved the third one!

Misty Dawn said...

its about time you posted! Glad to see you are doing well. There's something about our past and all the hopes and dreams we had back then, now we know the reality and its depressing.

Allison said...

Glad to hear the candles are doing well!! Can't wait for your fall sale! :)

Keep yer hands off Edward...he's mine! LOL