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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

AF & Anniversarys

Well spot arrived today. I expect her to be here full force tomorrow. Just in time for DH & my 4 year anniversary! I told Jake he would just have to have an anniversary BJ instead! LOL!! We don't really have any big plans other than going to the movies. FINALLY! I've been wanting to the Hangover forever. I'm pretty excited about going. We never go to the movies. I'm craving come nachos and a cherry Pepsi =) Not only does AF arrived on my 4 year wedding anniversary but this also officially marks 2 years TTC. I will be on C24. Ack. I know that doesn't seem too horribly long and I know most of you have been at it way longer than me. I just don't know how you guys do it. Granted I've had like 5 failed IUI's, 1 failed IVF & 2 failed FET... but I can't imagine doing this too much longer.

I wanted to say I really appreciate your comments to my last post. I have been thinking about seeing a counselor if I don't start feeling better. Especially if IVF #2 fails. I'm about going to have to.

I hope everyone else is doing well. We are due for some happy faces and some good news! Wow... we are like wayyy over due for a BFP! Come on girls!! We can do it!


Allison said...

"Anniversary BJ" and "come nachos"!!! I know the last one was a typo, but LMFAO!!!! ;)

Happy almost-anniversary, and sorry about Spot. Boo!

24 cycles IS a horribly long time to want something this badly, and you've been through a LOT in those 24 C's. Don't minimize that. You're so very strong. (((Hugs)))

Sarah said...

I'm sorry spot showed up!

Our 5th Anniversary is tomorrow! Hope you'll have a great one!

Morgan said...

LOL at the Anniversary BJ!!

I went to see the Hangover Monday night and it was freaking hilarious girl!! In a goofy kind of hilarious way! :)

Jen said...

I have to say I laughed out loud at the anniversary BJ!

Happy Anniversary!! I'm so glad that you have your husband to lean on during this difficult time. You guys can be there and support each other. And that is a great gift in it's self.

Hope you are smiling soon.

Have fun at the movies!


Robin said...

24 cycles IS a long time.. And you have been through a lot in that time. And, you're right..its about time for a BFP from someone...

Happy Anniversary!! Hope you enjoy the movie :)

Misty Dawn said...

Nothing like pressure! I cave under pressure......

Sorry AF showed up on your anniv. Man, shes got some timing.

Happy Anniversary!!!

I about freaked this C when FF told me it was my 22nd C! Thats just since I started charting on FF.....not including the yearsssss before.

AJ48 said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope AF isnt too bad! Have fun at the movies too. And good luck on your IVF...Ill be praying for you!!

Caitlin said...

LOL Anniversary BJ! I love it!

That sucks that spot came. Just our kinda luck, huh? You will have a blast anyway, because that movie ROCKS! So hilarious I couldn't come up for air! :)

JandKStaats said...

Thanks for the comment! I'm super excited about the wedding. Hope everything is going well for you!!! :)