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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Small update

Hi ladies! Sorry I've been MIA lately. I've been kinda busy lately but I have been trying to keep up w/my reading. Just haven't been commenting much. I know... I suck. Sorry girls.

My beta was a BFN, which we already knew would be but that was last Monday. I'm on CD4 today and OMG AF has been terrible. I've had cramping and really heavy flow mixed w/clotting. I've been going through a tampon at least every few hours. I even bled through a tampon, my underwear & my pj bottoms Friday in my sleep. Talk about gross. I'm sure its just from all the extra progesterone but geeesh. AF hasn't been this heavy for a long time. We meet w/my RE for a consult Tuesday so I will let you all know how that goes.

We didn't end up going on a trip this weekend. We did go out to dinner at Chili's last night (about 1hr away) and went to Staples (also 1 hr away) to get some supplies for my candle selling (I'm so excited about starting it!). We are still going to try and get away for a weekend soon. Hopefully very soon.

Speaking of getting out of town... Friday night Jake's dad called and wanted to talk to Jake. I really didn't think much of it but later I asked what his dad wanted. Jake just started crying (very strange for him to do that) and said his dad was saying that he really wanted us to go on a little vacation together because we just aren't the same anymore. He can tell how hard this whole IF has been on us and thinks we really deserve it and he would pay for our cabin (insert jaw drop here). He told Jake that he misses the old, feisty me. He misses me telling him to "fuck off" and just being the carefree person I used to be. This of course made me start crying, so here we are crying over the old us that is gone and will never return. Its really sad. We used to be so happy go lucky and now it takes a lot to even get a smile or laugh out of us. I hate the way we are. I know a weekend get away will not bring that back but I do hope Jake and I will have a good time just being US... not IF US.

I hope all is well w/the rest of you & I will try to catch up w/you all this week.


littlesteps said...

I'm sorry about your BFN. I think a weekend away is just what you need.

Allison said...

...and now I'm crying for you.


Sarah said...

I'm sorry about your BFN.

I know what you mean- I don't feel like the same person that I was 2 years before TTC. I just want to be happy again.


Misty Dawn said...

I'm so sorry Jayme. (((HUGS)))

Its nice sometimes to pretend the IF you doesn't exist and enjoy life. Too bad its just for a weekend tho.....

Dot said...

I am sorry Jayme...


Steph O. said...


I hate what IF does to us & who it turns us into! It's just not fair.

I hope you take your FIL up on his offer. That's awesome of him & you two could really use a break!

Caitlin said...

Sounds like you have a great FIL. Take advantage of his offer and get away with your husband. You deserve it!


Robin said...

I'm so sorry Jayme and unfortunately I understand all too well.

I hope that you do get to enjoy a vacation though..