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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm here.

Its been over a week since I've posted! Sorry about that... I'm here just been busy lately. Plus I haven't had a whole lot to write about. Bullets its is =)
  • Started provera yesterday. Yes, yes... didn't ovulate again. Oh well like I would have actually gotten KU on a non medicated TAB cycle. HA. We will be doing the same thing next cycle and then start IVF #2 in the end of Aug beginning of Sept. Mixed feeling about this. I'm trying to be hopeful but as you all know, that can be very hard at times. I'm enjoying my TAB cycle and have been trying my best not to think about TTC. I haven't had any meltdowns in a while either. Hopefully this will last a while longer =)
  • I still haven't decided yet on my friends baby shower. I go from thinking I'll be fine one day and then thinking I will break down. I need to decide soon and RSVP.
  • I got my Double Blessings Candles starter kit so I am officially a Independent Rep! I'm having an open house party on the 14th at my house. You're all invited! Too bad you are all so far away. If any of you would like to order something you can order off the website Unfortunately I wont get credit for it but there is no easy way for me to do it and ship it to you, plus have you send me a check. I don't take debit cards, yet anyway. That gets expensive so I'll see how I do first. Eventually they will have the site set up so you can pick your rep (which would be ME!) but it's not ready yet. I'm so excited about my party & getting started. I just hope it's not a waste of time!
  • I have 5 flippin` weddings this summer. Been trying to find a dress & I FINALLY found one today. I got it at Maurcies for $44! It's pink and oh so very pretty! I took a picture on my phone to send to one of my girlfriends.... in the process I see that a diamond (it's fake of course.. kinda of like a broach on the front) was missing! Give me a damn break! I'm going to take it back BUT the kicker is... that was the only one in my size. Damnit!


Charlotte said...

Hey Jayme,
Was wondering about you...glad you are OK.
Wow, that's alot of weddings!
Good luck with the business...hope it works out well for you!

Allison said...

Sorry about the provera. :(

Hey, on the candles, can we go to the website, pick what we want to order, and send the request to you, which you can add to your party so that you DO get credit for it? Kinda like a "book party"? Guess that would only work if (1), we got our orders and checks to you ahead of time, and (2) the candles can be shipped directly to us.

Your thoughts? Otherwise, I'll probably wait until you have a site because I definitely want you to get credit for it.

Robin said...

Sorry about the provera...I also sometimes enjoy those TAB cycles.

Good luck with the new business. Let us know how it goes..!

Caitlin said...

Wondering where you've been girl! Glad to hear you are feeling better. It's sometimes nice to TAB and not have to think about all of the TTC junk. Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!

BTW...why would we buy the candles if you can't get credit for it?! ;) Update us when they fix it so you can...

Misty Dawn said...

Bout time you posted! Ick to the provera! I'm on agyestin, which I'm told is another form of provera...last day is tomorrow! YAY!

That sucks about the dress tho! If you still like it, take it back and ask for a discount. If you didn't notice the missing diamond, most people prob won't either.

Steph O. said...

Hi Jayme! :)

Can you 'fill in' the missing piece? Check a hobby store. Or, could you relace the entire broach thing? (i'd also ask for a discount at Maurices)

Jen said...

I was wondering about you! Hadn't seen you on here or FB in a while and I was hoping that everything was going ok.

Five weddings, damn girl that's a lot!

I will go and look at your candle site in a little while. I think its great that you decided to do that. I hope you have fun with it.

Talk to you soon