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Friday, April 10, 2009

My B-day and some randomness

Hi girls! Its my 25Th freaking b-day today! Holy crap I feel old. My work pays us for our b-day's off so I get a 3 day weekend! Well kinda... the bank is sponsoring an Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow so I will be at that all morning. Ugh. I really don't feel like being around 500 little kids. Now for my random bullets...

  • TTC wise.. I'm on CD 6. I will take my 4Th BCP tonight. Yum. I have an U/S scheduled for April 27Th. FET #2 going to most likely be May 14Th. Going off of how this last one went. I've had a lot of people ask what my RE is going to do differently... the answer is NOTHING. We will be doing the same protocol. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I just want a damn answer, something! Jake and I have been talking and we decided that if this FET doesn't work we will start looking into adoption. I wont be able to take the time off work from June-Aug anyway so we will be TAB from TTC and start the adoption process. After Aug we plan to do another IVF C and freeze all if any left over embryo's and continue TTC until the end of the year. That is the limit I'm setting myself. Once 2010 hits I'm done w/treatments. We will probably keep TTC the old fashioned way while adopting but I'm sure the chances of us getting pregnant on our own are like 1 in a million! I'm actually content w/my decision and am looking forward to the summer of NOT TTC and starting to adopt. We are going to start in the US and if that doesn't work out probably look into Russia. I really just think its best for us to have a Caucasian baby. I personally could care less about the baby's race as I just want a baby but I know how my town is and I know how people can be and I do not want my baby to feel different or be treated differently. Which in this town is exactly what happens. I really hope that no one takes offence to that... that is just what I feel is best for our family.
  • We finally got our taxes done last night. I was soooo not looking forward to it as we always end up having to pay in. I couldn't believe my ear's when the lady said we were getting back $1300! Holy crap! We haven't gotten anything back the whole time we've been married. I'm so excited! That will pay for my meds for the cycle and Jake to get some new shoes. Hehe. He really needs new shoes!
  • We are going shopping next weekend for our b-days. Jake's was Monday. I'm really excited about that! I need to find me some new perfume and a new purse. We are going to eat at Red Lobster. Ugh... I can't wait! I've been craving Red Lobster for months! Yeah the closest one to us is about 1 1/2 hours away!
  • As I said above today is my b-day. Woopie. I have the day off and here's what it consists of.... cleaning house & decorating for the damn Easter Egg Hunt. I to plan to stop at Maurices for some work shirts (I have a 25% off coupon + my $5 coupon for my b-day). That will be the highlight of my day! We are going to watch Marley & Me tonight. I heard the ending is really said. Yeah... I will probably bawl my eyes out.
  • We are officially NOT buying my mom's house. I called her and bitched her out about putting the sign out front. She counter offered me and we didn't take it. It's probably for the best. We really just need to stay we were are. I love my house, its on the small side but its perfect for us + 1! At least for a little while. I will be sad to see her sell the house though... we moved there when I was 3... lots of memories.
  • Trigs- my friends that are expecting, the ones that would be expecting the same time as me had my IVF worked found out yesterday that they are having a boy! OMG the last thing this world needs is another of this baby's father. hehe. The world just isn't ready for it! If you knew this guy you would understand. Apparently they have names picked out but aren't telling anyone. Okay a girl I work w/is doing the same thing. Not telling the name. THIS BUGS THE SHIT OUT OF ME! Why do people do this? Its so damn annoying!
  • I swear I had more to say but I've forgotten and I really need to get to my cleaning. I wanted to thank you all again for being there for me during all my melt downs. I love you all! Prayers go out to Sherry & her hub as he has broken his leg and she just had her baby girl a few days ago. Talk about bad timing! Dot I'm glad you are feeling better and I'm staying positive for you! Margariet I'm sorry AF found you. That bitch! To anyone else that needs ((((((HUGS))))))) today. I hope to be back to commenting soon. I've been really busy lately and down in the dumps but I'm coming around! Have a nice weekend ladies!


Steph O. said...

Oh, 25 seems so long ago! Now I feel old!

Don't feel bad about wanting a caucasion baby. Inter-racial adoptio is not for everyone. It's not saying anything bad about YOU to realize that you live in a small-minded town.

I KWIM abou those who keep the name to themselves. Fine, don't tell anyone. But don't tell people that you're not telling them! How pre-school can you get?

And woohoo! on the refund! We've only had to pay in once, but it sucked! We owe fed this yr, but getting a state refund, so still making out ahead.

Have a fun wkend! Stregth vibes for the egg hunt tomorrow!

AJ48 said...

Happy Birthday Jayme!!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend...and I am praying that this transfere works for you guys!!!

^J^ said...

HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

Glad your feeling better, Jayme. I hope everything works out well for you with the next FET/and or adoption. I'll be praying for positive results either way. :)

Misty Dawn said...

Ha you are old!!! lol The older I get, the more I cry at my bday esp when I think about how old my eggs are getting.

I bawled my eyes out in the first 5 mins of Marley and Me, so DH turned it off. Then watched the rest while I was at OB. He threw it away and said its not a movie that a women like me that is suffering IF and recurrent PG loss should watch. So I'm not going to watch it!

There must be something about TTC as long as we have, you finally become OK with the realization that you may never have a baby

Sarah said...

HAPPY BIRTDAY!!! I hope you have a good day.

We are currently under tornado warnings here in TN!! We are leaving for AL as soon as the weather clears.

Have a great weekend!

elephantscanremember said...


I timed this one better.

April babies still rock!

Coco said...

Happy Birthday Jayme!

Christina said...

Happy Birthday!!!

M said...

Woah Jayme, that FET will be here before you know it!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I just turned 25 in December and it was kind of a hard one for me too. Halfway to 30!!!

Yay for the good tax refund. We are getting a pretty kick ass one this year too.

I'm excited for you that you are going to be looking into adoption. We will probably start all of that jazz at the 2 year mark in August.

Take care and hope those BCP's treat you ok (I hate those darn things)

littlesteps said...

Happy Birthday!!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your tax refund. That is awesome that are you getting so much back.

Dot said...

Happy Birthday Jayme !

As we get further along in our ttc journey, it amazes me how "content" we get. I wish only the best for you & Jake.


Charlotte Heaven said...

Hey Jayme,
Happy Birthday...sorry I'm a day late!! Your decision regarding treatments/adoption sound very smart...I'm glad you are feeling content about things! BIg Birthday (((hugs))). Hope you had a great day!!

Caitlin said...

Happy Be-lated Birthday! Hope you had a great one!

Morgan said...